16th Jul 2008, 17:36

A agree that the Scenic is in no way as bad as the earlier reviewer suggested.

We have owned ours for well over a year and covered about 18,000 trouble free miles.

It is comfortable, roomy, quiet (and ours is a diesel), easy to drive and versatile.

Yes, the brakes are snatchy and I would like to see them improved and, yes, I too dislike the electronic handbrake. But no, the dash isn't overcomplicated and no, the starting procedure isn't rocket science and no, the key fob doesn't self-destruct and so on...

I've owned (and still own) a Nissan Almera Tino and this car compares very favourably with it. The Scenic has even more boot space, even less body roll and even more storage spaces. Being the 1.5 diesel, I'm getting 50+ mpg consistently, which is way better than the Tino's 1.8 litre petrol engine's 36 mpg.

The Scenic is, by my current experience, a fine car for the price. I just wish I'd gone for the 5 seat Grande Scenic so I could get the bikes inside rather than on the rack!

18th Aug 2009, 10:48

Ridiculous to write a 'review' of a hire car, which sounds as if it's a basic model which needs a bit of TLC.

Not able to start it? Was there a handbook, did you look at it? Starting is easy, radio is simple if you use the clever steering wheel controls, and on my car I can leave the keycard in my wallet and open the doors and start the car - a very handy feature if you have your hands full.

It's also very comfortable, quiet and economical, with no rattles at all after 35000 miles, on the down side depreciation is high (but this makes them great value second hand) the wipers are not set up for UK properly, and changing a headlamp bulb is a major operation.

28th Jan 2010, 19:00

Car a joy to drive, I got 73.something mpg on the motorway!! That is seventy three point something miles per gallon!!!

Unbelievable!?!?!?!? But true... mind you that was a 300 mile journey over several hours, so I probably averaged around 50/60 miles per hour (just stay behind a lorry)... This takes a LOT of patience, but it works!

And the Police tend to stop you, thinking you are trying to avoid them???

27th Jul 2010, 08:20

To be honest, Renaults are very nice cars! But it's such a shame they're not well built. They're alright cars, but I would not recommend them to anyone. I am sorry to say I would not tell people they're great cars.

15th Aug 2010, 13:54

I am on my 4th Renault. I've had 2 Meganes and 2 Lagunas. Only trouble I had was the coil pack went on one of my Lagunas. Not a big job.

I find Renaults very comfortable, and I am on the verge of buying a 2007 Scenic. Great value second hand with all extras like full glass sunroof, 6 speed gear box, all the storage you need, and it won't break the bank...

22nd Jan 2016, 22:19

This website is exactly for slagging off a car or complimenting a car. The site wouldn't work if people just spoke about the qualities of a car; we need to hear the bad stuff too. I'd say by now though, if you still have your Renault, you will realise what a poor quality car they really are.

19th Jul 2018, 07:22

I agree, the review of the rental Scenic sounded very strange to me, especially everyone finding the seats "very uncomfortable".

How could the windscreen washer fluid get inside the car unless the windows were open?

I've yet to see or hear of a car starting spontaneously after the driver(s) have given up.