5th Jun 2002, 18:24

Our Scenic (automatic) has had 2 new hydraulic assemblies & a new gearbox and has only done 50000 miles. The gearbox bill was originally £2,500! It is back in the garage since it still doesn't run properly since the gearbox has been changed!

9th Jul 2002, 18:24

My Scenic 2.0 16V Automatic, bought new last July, has 7600km on the clock and is currently awaiting a gearbox change.

It started slipping and going into "failure mode" occasionally after about 2000km. Problem appeared to occur mainly after stop&go traffic or several short trips but wasn't reproducible at the garage.

I didn't bother too much at first but the it gradually got worse.

After a lot of fiddling to read the diagnostics they changed some hydraulic part, but didn't fix the problem.

They (my Renault dealer) claim they aren't aware of any "known" problem with the automatic gearbox. That's why I thought I'd surf a bit... HA!

22nd Aug 2002, 10:14

I have only just found this website and it's very informative!

I only wish I had discovered it before I purchased for my Wife an R Reg Scenic RXE 2.0Ltr Auto last summer. I noticed at time of sale that although only having relatively low mileage for its age it had a new auto gear box put in. I will now be waiting to see how long it lasts and whether it's resell value would outweigh the cost of a new gearbox.

I must confess it is good fun, highly practical and has made it to France and back on holiday.

27th Nov 2002, 10:51

I bought a Renault Scenic RXE Automatic R reg 15 months ago. It had 40,000 on the clock and within seven months I had to have the gear box replaced (fortunately it was still under warranty).

Since then I have had problems with the central locking which has cost me nearly £400 to sort out. It's still causing me problems. This afternoon I couldn't get the door to close because the lock appears to be jamming.

I have lost all confidence in the car and have decided it will have to go.

30th Dec 2002, 18:31

Renault appear at the fore front of innovative ideas and design.

It's just they cannot get the the small issues right, possibly now with it's Nissan counterpart Renault Just might start building more reliable cars, where flair and sturdiness with reliability to boot go hand in hand?

9th Jan 2003, 08:52

I recently bought a scenic 1.6 alise and it had done 31,000 miles and it is working perfect and nothing new has been added. I think they are very good cars and some people must just be very unlucky.

22nd Jan 2003, 07:29

I have a Scenic RX4 and the gearbox is currently being rebuilt. The car broke down on the 31st of December and due to shortage of parts it is still in the garage. Renault have agreed to pick up 70% (753 pounds) of the price to repair. The car has only done 30,000 miles and is 1.5 years old. I also found some good information on a French site that explains that there is a problem with the bearings on the gearbox which, in turn, works a bolt lose and strips 5th gear (my exact problem). The other common failure appears to be the exhaust which has no central bush so as soon as it starts to weaken it will break.

14th Mar 2003, 17:42

1998 Scenic 2.0 RXE Auto, 30,000 miles and requires new transmission. Main Renault dealer declined at first to admit this was a 'known fault' but later admitted, guardedly, that it just 'might be'. Full service history allowed them to halve the bill, but half of £2,670 is still a very substantial amount to pay.

Otherwise, a very acceptable car, but... and it's a big, but, this just should not happen.

Might go and take a look at the Picasso. Citroen have now brought out an auto version...

17th Apr 2003, 07:57

I've been driving a scenic for a year now. it's a w reg company car and has done 52,000 miles. no problems and nothing I know has been replaced. I think it's a great car, a little heavy on petrol in town (22mpg) but OK for long distances (36mpg). its got great load carrying capacity and easy to jump in and out of. parking is a cinch as it's an automatic. it does feel you're like driving a van, especially after I borrowed a Honda Civic from a colleague for a week.

Would I buy one if I had to spend my own money? well it depends on who you are. I'm a 28 year old guy with no kids and I really want a sports car, but my firm won't give me one. if however, I were a 28 year old guy with a couple of kids, I can see the advantages.

28th Apr 2003, 09:18

We bought an S reg Scenic RT auto in December 2001. The transmission had to be replaced at 40,000 miles. Thankfully it was under a warranty. Now, 6000 miles and 10 months later the same symptoms of failure are showing. We are getting it fixed and getting rid of it. We love the car, but with two young children, can do without the unreliability.

7th May 2003, 02:20

What is the gearbox not doing right - are your gears stiff to engage?

20th Oct 2003, 09:14

I was advised to find this site before renewing my warranty for a further 12 months. I bought a manual Renault Scenic 1.9rtd last October with 34,000 on the clock. Within 500 miles the gearbox needed replacing. It took 3 attempts to get the dealer to fix it, but they did it in the end. Reading these comments I WILL renew my warranty. Otherwise the car has been excellent apart from internal rattles. It now has 43,000 on the clock and appears to be running well. However, better safe than sorry!!

2nd Dec 2003, 15:49

Recently bought 1.9 RT DT, great, practical and all that. But needed an automatic, as have had hip replacement.

At 40,000 miles now experiencing problems with the gearbox.

The Automatic transmition failure warning light keeps flashing on, and it is hanging in second gear to long. Also have had it selecting its own gears as if manually being over ridden. Is this How the problems start?

Shame that it is being let down by the gear box. Currently frigfhtened as to how high the bill will be when I have to take it in.

23rd Mar 2004, 13:44

I have bought a T registered Renault Scenic 2.0 litre automatic. With 50000 on the clock the automatic gearbox is leaking through the casing. This is a sealed unit and cannot be topped up. Quoted costs of dealing with this range from £1500 to £2500. Any ideas as to how to seal this without a replacement box would be appreciated.

31st Jul 2005, 20:15

Renault Megane Scenic 1998 1.6 Automatic, I am having problems with leak from auto box (drips onto exhaust) but apart from this the car is running o.k., problem is that there is no way to check level in box??

11th Aug 2007, 10:05

I am currently looking at purchasing a Scenic, I need an automatic, and I am quite frankly horrified at the amount of problems the scenic has. I have only driven Chrysler's. 4 in total,my Grand Voyager(R AUTO) was still going strong at 178,500 MILES.. and the only Chrysler that gave me any problems was the 1st generation NEON. I don't really want to buy another Voyager (only for MPG reasons). I can't even afford to get another PT Cruiser. (£4500 for the cheapest Auto at the moment) Surley the Scenic cannot be THAT bad. I see loads of them driving along on a daily basis. Does anyone think I should give these scenic's a wide berth, or take the plunge??? because they fit in my current price bracket, It's something new for me (Renault) and it is practical.. and the MPG for a 1.6-2.0L looks good. This is a real shame..

24th Oct 2011, 09:54

I have just purchased a Renault Megane Scenic 1998. Fifth gear is hard to get engaged, and the boot light stays on. Apart from this, the car is great. Can anyone advise me what to do, or do I sell it on and cut my losses?