1995 Renault Trafic T1100 2.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good cheap work horse


Rear exhaust box fell off at 70000 miles, and had to be welded back on. This is caused by the system being too heavy for the rubber supports.

Slight miss fire at about 72000 miles. Replaced distributer cap and plugs, this cured the problem.

General Comments:

These vans, especially in petrol form, are usually very cheap, don't let this put you off purchasing one. You will find that they are tolerably reliable, cheap to run (30mpg) and quite easy to work on. Some parts for the 2.2 models are not available from pattern manufacturers, you therefor have to go to a main dealer and pay main dealer prices. This is particularly true in the case of exhausts, so make sure this is in good condition. Service items can be bought cheaply though. One last thing you should be aware of is that due to the design of the floor, the pedals are very close together, making things quite interesting until you get used to it!

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Review Date: 12th October, 2005

11th Dec 2006, 13:45

I own one of these T1100 vans it is parked outside my house now. (11/12/06 Started first time this morning. Had it from New. Very low service costs, has had very little servicing. Never broke down. Exceptional Vehicle. Best I ever had.

1984 Renault Trafic T1300 2.1D from Finland


A cheap van..


Two glow plugs melted into the head. Attempting to take them off was an odyssey that has not yet finished.

In order to properly access the glowplugs you have to remove almost everything (maybe it would have been easier to take the engine off, I assure you).

Alternator, heating system funnel, injectors, injector linings, radiator, diesel pump, radiator grill, etc. had to come off in order to access the glowplugs perpendicularly.

It is outrageous that something taken as regular maintenance converts into a monstruous amount of work.

General Comments:

Drove from Portugal to Finland in it for six days - nerve racking and very uncomfortable.

Very prone to bounce in side winds, mediocre gearbox.

A cheap van.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2005