1998 Renault Twingo Pack 1.2 from Slovenia


Great, reliable, roomy, funny, quick, easy-on-wallet small car..


Nothing major gone wrong with this car.

Exhaust broken at 120000km.

New brake pads and discs at 140000km.

New battery at 130000km.

I think that the starter will need an replacement soon (sometimes does not want to start at the first time).

General Comments:

I think the car is very reliable, but in our country the price is a bit high (Renault is number-one car manufacturer in slovenia).

It also accelerates quick from 0-100 for 60ps engine. On the motorways from 160 to 170 maximum speed (but maxi maximum was almost 190 down by the hill :).

It runs for about 550km with one filling (only 40 liters tank) and then a low-fuel light flashes out (so let`s say you can drive for maybe another 100km and then...:)

The cabin is very roomy and it has also a lot of room on the back seats (for legs). But trunk, maybe for a bag or two, nothing more... Sure if you move back seats in front, you get more space, but less space for legs. I think that out there you can`t find a small car with such a roomy cabin (Back seats can be easily used for "night" actions, but you can also made a bed -> front seats and back seats together!)

Its very fun to drive, easy to drive. You can beat a wide spectrum of bigger cars on the green light :).

But the brakes, if you are alone then are good, if there is someone near you it is still good, but if there is car full of passengers then is not good anymore : ( So don`t drive twingos very fast when loaded full, does not matter if the surface is wet or not, I think it won`t stop easily :/.

I just maybe miss an rpm meter and oil/water temperature meter.

My car got no airbags, no air-condition, no ABS, but electricity in windows and power windows. Also got remote central locking.

You can park the car everywhere, I really appreciate this especially when hanging around the city.

My car is non-metallic red, great-looking. If you take a look on the front end (on every twingo), you can imagine a smiling child with big eyes and red haircut (or another color) :) Cute anyway...

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd June, 2005