2005 Renault Twingo Expression 1.2 8v from Croatia


Excellent car for a busy city, and for first time drivers


Surprisingly, nothing went wrong with the car itself during those 13k km I've passed with it.

General Comments:

Renault dealers in Croatia were very helpful, and every service was with a smile; however not the cheapest parts.

Did crash it though. Partly the fault of the car's rubbish handling (it's like a boat in the corners), but mainly my rubbish driving let it down.

Handling however is satisfactory in towns when you can't exceed 30 mph. So are the standard fitted Michelin Energy tires; they're not for performance drivers, but the average driver will be happy with them for a long time (mine was fitted with the original tires with about 40k km, and they still worked well in the dry).

Incredibly comfortable seats, although not for tall people. I'm 6'8" and my driving position was rubbish. The steering wheal is just too far when your seat is in a fully back position.

I got about 5l/100km (50-60 mpg) in a town, which was great, better then my brothers equivalent Fiat Punto. Also, you don't need to rev it as high to fully utilize the 60 bhp.

An excellent city car, but not very sporty.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 3rd June, 2011