9th Jun 2013, 14:25

Another report on the Twizy forum of an owner wishing to trade up to a Renault ZOE and being offered a ridiculously low offer for their Twizy.

This time, a £7000+ model, 14 months old and with 2000 miles was valued at £2500 against another Renault electric car at a main dealer, leaving the owner £3300 short of paying their finance off.

A similar age and mileage £7000 VW up! bought at the same time would have been worth over £6000 to trade in against, say, a Polo, so this is a major factor in choosing one to own.

As said, Renault were brave to put the Twizy into production, but their back up and dealer service has killed it to the extent that even the dealers have no confidence in it, and this has nailed the sale prices.

The owner stated it had cost him £381 per month in depreciation - a Nissan Leaf is around £185 + VAT per month to lease, so he could have more or less leased two for the cost of the Twizy depreciation.

19th Dec 2013, 04:46

Oh dear, it's all gone wrong with Twizy; they've only registered 326 since launch, and many of those are still languishing in showrooms as demonstrators with under 100 miles.

Endless reports of problems now:

Charging issues: chargers not working as the UK supply can surpass the top voltage level the charger allows, meaning some owners are struggling to charge on the 253V measured on their local grid - the chargers cut out well before 250V and Renault is not sorting this out.

Sticking throttle pedals; experience by various owners now, in cold or damp weather, pedal sticks down - has caused one accident so far, other very near misses reported. As Renault try to find the fault in their warm, dry workshops, they can't replicate it and thus deny any problem. NEEDS A RECALL FOR THIS SAFETY ISSUE.

Brake issues: early recall for sticking calipers, endless issues with dragging brakes and rusting discs, no aftermarket parts available, huge dealer cost to sort out as "not a warranty item".

Hazard light switch failure: they used a non-waterproof Clio switch in an area which gets very wet - switches corrode and cause battery drain, several breakdowns reported due to this; they just fit a new Clio switch under warranty and wait until it fails again and again.

Door struts and catches: the struts are not pressurised enough for cold weather, so do not lift the doors, which are held by plastic guides, which need adjustment weekly to ensure the doors close and open OK, and do not rattle.

Seat base failure: now being replaced with a new design under warranty as the area under seat (plastic sub-structure) cracks and is a safety issue.

Tyre supply: tyres very hard to source, as they're sold out across Europe and it's a special Eco-Tyre for this model.

Parts supply: numerous reports of Twizys off the road for weeks and months waiting for parts to arrive from Spain. No courtesy cars offered, leaving owners without a vehicle.

Depreciation: Renault have destroyed any market for the Twizy, so resale is appalling; there are reports of dealers trying to sell their stock to Webuyanycar at any price, dealers offering owners who were advised to buy Twizy while waiting for ZOE launch, being offered £2500-3000 for a Twizy under a year old with under 2000 miles, costing £7500 new. Add to this the monthly cost of battery lease (£39-58 PCM for low mileages), and it is cheaper to lease a BMW.

Great vehicle, disastrously launched by incompetent Renault and now with horrifying depreciation and numerous issues, which prevent it being used, an unresolved highly dangerous sticking accelerator pedal issue, and hugely frustrating parts supply.

Run away. Far, far away.

I am so, so, so glad I sold mine when I did. Phew!