18th Jun 2009, 04:25


I also drive cars out of pure enjoyment. Amongst other toys, I own a Bentley Cont-R (1994, I wrote a review in this site). People sometimes think that you want to flaunt it, and I am reluctant to park it in the city even for half an hour, because of vandalism: people thinking that you drive it to flaunt. I drive my Bentley because I really like it.

But there are positive points: you get many nice reactions from passionate car fans who are actually also enjoying seeing such a wonderful machine on the road.

Earning a Rolls in a competition must be a shock (whether the review is true or not is not important). But I must say, in case you would have kept your 30 y.o. Rolls well maintained, you should not have any reliability problems even now. So do not save on maintenance for the Phantom... and you might be driving it in 30 years.


16th Aug 2010, 17:15

I liked your review. It's great to see someone buying such a grand car out of love... that's how it should be.

Bit of a sacrifice losing the house, although, I can understand it.

I have several classics including a Bentley T2 & RR Corniche -see reviews- & I could have been sensible and got a nice house etc., but hell, my passion is cars, & they give me far more pleasure, although they don't make a great deal of financial sense.

I would love to have one of the new Phantoms, as their presence and interiors are so fantastic, but will have to wait until the second-hand prices fall to a reasonable-ish level in a decade or two...

23rd Feb 2011, 21:16

I think you're all nutty as fruitcakes, but charmingly so.

I've driven Rolls and Bentleys many times, and it always seemed to me that they resemble most the 1955 Packard Patrician.

If you want to talk about driving your living room, the 1970-2000 Lincoln would be the same. Those velour seats are just like a big living room armchair, and have never been beat.

Mileage sucks, of course, but who cares? If you're concerned about mileage, you can't afford them.

But for the price, I'd want a mechanic living in the boot. A car that pricey should NEVER need repair. If they're going to be in the shop that much, phooey. For low shop time, you can't beat Cadillac.

But that doesn't stop me from lusting for a Bentley or Rolls. I just know they'd make lousy wives, so you have to be mad, mad, mad for them.

14th Sep 2012, 15:02

Shouldn't never have to worry about what people think of you at any age, whether you are 19 or 90. Someone always will have something negative to say, but it's up to the person to go with what makes them happy, not always what makes everyone else happy, as they will find out it's nigh on impossible to make those type of people happy anyways. Enjoy life, as it is yours, and you only get one.