1983 Rolls Royce Silver Spur from North America


Powerful, elegant and refined


This car is prone to leaks. This is probably largely due to the age of mine, as hoses and seals have deteriorated. As a result of its extremely complex hydraulic mineral oil braking/ levelling system, it has a very high number of connections where leaks can begin. I have spent a lot of money replacing seals, gaskets, hoses. There is an old joke that when your English car stops leaking, it has simply run dry. Dealer maintenance is breathtakingly expensive, but it is a very massive and complicated car requiring very specialized knowledge to maintain and repair.

General Comments:

The presence and elegance of a Rolls-Royce are simply in another league from anything else. Many owners treat them as once-a-week "date" cars, but they are so soundly built that they should really be used as daily drivers. In fact, they benefit from regular use. There is an amazing feeling of luxury that comes not from trendy design, but from the craftsmanship and use of superior, "honest" materials. Leather, steel, polished wood and wool are all you see or touch in the cabin of the Rolls. It is very common for Rolls-Royce owners to say that they would never be without one.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2006

7th Jul 2012, 17:56

I own a left hand drive Silver Spur 1983 model with off white paint.

What a beast, have owned it for 5 years. Only problem is it leaks oil underneath. Are the main bearing seals cork?

It's thirsty on petrol, but who cares. My wife thinks I am an exhibitionist.

The car came from Doha, Qatar, so no rust.

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