13th Apr 2005, 15:31

I have a 1994 RR SS III. By 1994 all the bugs were out of the suspension system. I have 22,500 miles on the car. I have had no leaks, but have had a previous problem with the drivers side window and had a rear wheel bearing failure. The car is a dream. I previously owned a 1987 1/2 (pre-20,000 series) RR Silver Spirt, but found it was under powered and had numerous electrical shorts in the Lucus electrical switches. The SS III has none of the prior problems and has all the power one could wish for.

28th Oct 2005, 04:31


I have a Rolls Silver spur from 1980.

Number = SCAZNOOOOACX01180.

I love this car!!!

No problems at all.

14th Sep 2007, 10:43

I own a 1990 silver spur II beautiful car! I have had to replace accumulators, right rear shock, fuel pump, and alternator. The ecu was replaced before I bought the car. It leaks very little- just a few drops now and then. The ride is OK- perhaps a little noisy (rattles ect). In spite of these issues, I love the car. There is a genious to the design and detail which blows away the other newer cars around me.

6th Feb 2008, 15:18

These are great cars for the money. One caveat would be that owners of these machines seldom use them! Fluids break down over time and they also corrode the hydraulic rubber bits etc. In fact these fluids, if the car sits not used, degrade a vehicle more so than if it was used! The hydraulic fluid will eat the rubber over time while the car sits. Then the owner starts the car for first time in months and pieces of rubber breaks off and gets into the system. An older Rolls Royce with low miles equals suspension hydraulic problems. People assume that the hydraulics are the problem. Service regardless of mileage and include a change to all the fluids. Then, these things will go forever!

If you buy one and its been sitting for more than a year, have it towed to a good Rolls shop. Drain and replace all the fluids before the first start. Doing so you'll avoid problems.

21st Jun 2010, 12:44

1986 Rolls Silver Spur - where is the best source for the rear shocks? I am having trouble finding them online. Thanks for all the help. Sincerely, Rod New Hampshire USA.


21st Jun 2010, 21:28

1518, actually that applies to sports car and classics. I start my cars every 2-3 weeks, and drive for 20 minutes to keep seals from drying out and causing leaks. I also have synthetic oil in all my vehicles. I use Stabil and Startron in my older Corvettes. Before I changed every 4 months over sludging concerns, now it's once a year. I switched to synthetic. I never drive in rain or snow, but a dry winter day they come out quickly for a 20 minute spin. Back in the garage and the battery maintainers go back on. I actually built a frame garage instead of block or masonry this time, due to dampness. I crack all my doors to keep pressure off the weatherstrip, and put pans of charcoal briquettes in the cars. I also move my cars every month to keep flat spotting the tires. I see low mile cars, and have the reverse concerns of how good that seems. Give me a frequent, carefully driven, well maintained car any day.

6th Jul 2013, 09:02

I recently purchased a Rolls Royce Silver Spur III with under 60,000 miles on it! The car is impeccable with only a minor ding. The mechanics are fantastic, and the design incredible. Maintaining the car has not been an issue, excepting normal items. I.e. before you buy, test all the speakers at all frequencies. The speakers tend to deteriorate over the years.

Be very careful when locking the doors, and do not to force the locks down. Actuators tend to break easily on this model.

I would recommend buying this car if you are inclined to care for your cars. If you expect them to be workhorses that you jump in and go, this is not the car for you. Rolls love to be pampered - washed, waxed, cleaned and pampered.