1995 Rover - Austin 200 216 SLi 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Great older car, lots of fun


The only minor fault I had with my car was the lacquer on the paint work began to degrade, and the paint became patchy and faded all over the car. Though this was only cosmetic and didn't actually lead to rust or water ingress anywhere. Though having seen a few other older Rovers, it appeared to be a common fault.

General Comments:

Though old and perhaps a little dated as well, this car served me extremely well for the time I had it.

The Honda D-Series engine under the bonnet of this Rover, though only a 1.6, was strong and fast.

The torque developed by this engine was very good; even in high gears it would pull at low speeds, and that made it a joy to drive around town.

On the longer journeys, it fared well for both comfort and speed, and was quite happy cruising at 80-90mph, and could pull past other cars at those speeds as well.

Though the Rover SLi was the "sportier" model 216, it didn't boast much of an improvement other than the Honda engine and some interior trims. But the car more than made up for it with its above average performance for a stock road car.

It handled very well even in the wet and at high speeds, and was sure footed even on the tightest turns. Most front engine, front wheel drive cars can suffer with both braking under-steer and lift-throttle over-steer at speed. But not the Rover, it was planted, and if anything did slide, all four wheels would progressively "feel for grip", and four wheel drift if none was available, making it very predictable and consistent, even when pushed hard. It never felt unsafe.

If I could find another example like this, I would take it over my current car in a heartbeat; the Rover 216 SLi was great to drive and hugely reliable.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2013

1995 Rover - Austin 200 214 Cabriolet SE 1.4 K Series from UK and Ireland


Smashing for the price!


So far the car has cost me 4 new tyres and a rear back box; common Rover issue with the tail pipes being so small they rot from the inside out.

General Comments:

Car has been faultless, and only has three little spots of rust. Came packed with extras from the dealership.

Power hood is great, but makes a right old racket, just like the one in the Mini and Metro/100 soft tops. Hood is in great nick, and the electric rear blower is a great addition for a soft top of this age.

Quality of the products used shows, as there is very little wear on the trim of the car, despite the high mileage.

Did the cambelt/water pump myself, as it's an easy job. However the cam shaft seal is leaking oil and that will need sorting in time. Which to be fair is also another common fault.

On the whole, it's a very nice car and still gets looks today. If you want a fast, reliable car for fun in the sun, you can't do a lot worse than the 200 Cabriolet.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2009

1995 Rover - Austin 200 214 SEI 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Best banger for under £500


Not a lot really, the exhaust had a crack in which was already like that when I got the car (reason for getting it cheap), and the central locking plays up on the drivers side. Other than that, all good.

General Comments:

Really smart car, I used to have a new shape Renault Megane, which unfortunately got written off, so I brought the Rover off ebay as a stop gap just to get me to work and back, and it's great, I am going to hang onto it!

I do a lot of miles; anything up to 600-700 a week, and so far the Rover has never let me down. It's great on petrol and it's really comfortable as well; it feels so much better round bends than the soggy Megane. It's also got a brilliant driving position, and the half leather seats are really good; they make you feel like you're driving a 220 Turbo until the lack of power when you put your foot down!!

Saying that though, the car is actually pretty good fun to drive. The car has had bigger 16" alloys off a 200 BRM, and they really improve things round corners (a friend of mine had a G Reg 214 and that didn't handle at all!). There is loads of body roll of course, but it really does grip well (a lot better than my 2 year old Megane, especially in the wet!). There is also plenty of feedback through the wheel, and it always gives me an inspired confidence when hammering it back from Wales to the Midlands late at night, and I've never had a car that cost under £500 which did that!

The performance of the engine is good too; for a 1.4 it flies. You need to work it quite hard, but it pulls well, and you can sit on motorways at 90mph all day long, providing the head gasket don't go pop! Saying that, if it does go I've got a bottle of K-Seal in the boot which will get me home (friend of mine used that in his MG ZR for 4 months after the head gasket went, poured it in once and the car was good to go again as it fills the crack in the gasket or head, and stops the water mixing, and it only cost £8).

Overall, for a banger it's brilliant. I doubt you will find much better for under £500. Mine only set me back £375, and after a good clean and a polish with Meguiars Gold Class it really is almost immaculate. With the bigger 16's and the deep red metallic paint, and its brilliant half leather Recaro style seats, it really doesn't look like a cheap of banger, and people never assume that it cost as little as it did.

So if you're skint like me and need something that can get you round from A to B, without your mates taking too much of the p***, get one as it's a lot better than a crappy mid 90's 1.4 Escort or Astra.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2008