13th Dec 2002, 05:33


Over here (Netherlands) nobody knows what it is so there cheap to buy.

The 213 S is normally being driven by old people (not wrecked)

Not a Vauxhall!

Reliable Honda Engine (12 V very good in 1985 compared to it's competitors)

Fuel economy.

Virtually no oil consumption.

Cheap insurance.

Except for the exhaust pipe relatively cheap to maintain.


Not a sporty ride.

No power steering.

Rust prone (especially rear wheel arches typical Honda problem)

No Honda finish.

10th Jan 2003, 04:25

Mr Netherlands, I pretty much agree there. I've now had the car for about 8 months.

It's been extremely economical - oh and the CV joint clicking I spoke of? Well, the joint actually failed on Tuesday. It started tugging the wheel extremely hard until I was forced to pull in at a lay by. The joint was so severely worn that I was unable to maneuver the car into a decent parking position.

I obtained a second-hand replacement drive shaft for £25 and had to fit it at the roadside - not a terribly difficult job, but I was hampered by a wind-chill factor of -16 on an open plain... not what I call fun.

I replaced a worn track-rod end at thew same time, for the sum of £8.50.

I still haven't had any cause to top the oil up in 12,000 miles, although she does use a little water in warmer weather.

The front struts are now showing serious wear, and with the MOT looming in the next couple of months I fear the car will be beyond economical repair.

Still, I can't really complain given it's been almost cost-free motoring for a year. I recommend one of these to anybody needing reliable transport. Paper bag for your head is optional. ;)

3rd Mar 2003, 07:41


In your first review you commented that the brake calipers repeatedly stuck. I think I'm having the same problem...

What did you decide to do about it??? I've read a few reviews regarding this, not sure what to try first.

It gets pretty hot when it's stuck on that front wheel...


18th Mar 2003, 09:02

Hi mate - I was given a pair of calipers for free - but in all honesty the only permanent cure is probably to get some brand new ones. : (

Other than that, de greasing, stripping, cleaning and re-assembling with new seals (cheap) should help.

11th Feb 2004, 07:47

I have bought a rover 214 Si as my first car, but not actually driven it yet. looking forward to it though. I've had a problem with it tho, it keeps trying to start its self with out a key and with it all locked up. does anyone else have the same problem? or does anyone have a cure?

18th Oct 2009, 05:02

I have just bought a 1989 213 with 20+ thousand miles on the clock, and oh boy it's sweet. I used to have an 05 Corsa SXi and I had all sorts of expensive problems with it.

This Rover (Ronda if you like) however has beaten 2 litre Vectras, Mondeos, plus a host of other cars that are 20 years younger. I get stick for driving it, but let me till you, if you see one on the road, give it respect. Cars these days are not worth the tires they are running on.

BMW should have never bought Rover, and Rover should have never broken the bond with Honda. A match made in heaven!

Rover 213.. the best Rover of the 1980s.

Robert Black