12th Feb 2004, 03:15

I have a Rover 216 SE Auto and recently started having idling problems, it has been to two garages at a cost of £400 and still the problem persists. I am told "by Rover" it is an ECU fault and / or the throttle housing. The previous garage thought it was the stepper motor!!.

The car starts and drives fine, but revs high in Neutral and Park and often stalls when in drive, slowing to an idle speed. to replace all three components will be costly and I can't imagine they are ALL at fault.

What would you recommend I do first? get the ECU tested and reprogrammed? where can I get this done by a reliable company? and reset the stepper as mentioned in the above article?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


6th Jan 2005, 08:51

I am delighted to see the comments about stalling on the 216 auto. My local Rover Garage, made out I was some sort of idiot, they even questioned if I had the vehicle in "park" when I tried to start it. My problem does not occur in summer! and it does not occur when the engine is hot. My Rover agent has now given up and told me to try another garage, which is infuriating. I have done exactly that, and so far replaced the 5th injector which apparently is only active on startup... that didn't work, the rotor arm and distributor cap, but that also had no effect, they are now going to try the Coil, but I cannot help feeling that they are grabbing at straws. It is a great car... when it goes, but it is now damaging my wifes confidence in driving. The E.C.U. has never been mentioned, but despite the car being a 96 model it has only done 23k miles. Any suggestions?