1991 Rover - Austin 400 416 GTi Twin Cam 16v 1.6 DOHC from UK and Ireland


An underrated car


Nothing major mechanically in the time I have had it, other than, when under warranty, the fuel pump seized, but it was repaired by the garage. Since then nothing significant has gone wrong.

I have serviced it once a year since I have had it anyway. The smaller things which have been a problem have just been wear and tear things like the interior, the seats have become untidy in appearance and the stitching on seats has come away.

General Comments:

This car makes a brilliant first warm-hatch alternative, probably much better in manual form, but an automatic is an easy to drive kind of car.

My example was packed with more gadgets than a Safrane. 4 x electric windows, electric roof, mirrors, alloy wheels, full leather interior, what more do you need, ABS and air con maybe!!!

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Review Date: 30th May, 2001

14th Aug 2004, 12:14

Isn't a Rover 416 GTi basically a reskinned Honda CRX? Because it has a Honda engine.

28th Oct 2006, 13:53

It's a more British, more 'old man' version of the CRX. Excellent cars though.

1991 Rover - Austin 400 414 SLi 1.4 K-Series 16v from UK and Ireland


Brilliant car with comfort and a dash of performance


Pads went on the front and the calliper was sticking but that's it.

If anything this car's been over serviced!

General Comments:

I love it to be honest, it's my first car and I couldn't ask for more. For a 10 year old car with a 1.4 engine it is superb and will take out many a new car with a bigger engine.

I've had it banging out 114mph top whack and a 0-60 of around 10 (Rover claim 11). The engine seems to adapt very well to how you want to drive it.

I'm only 18 and have driven about every car you can think of and still think this is a great car.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2000

25th Jul 2001, 10:56

You are a danger to yourself and others. God help any motorists or pedestrians that have the misfortune to be in the vicinity of where you are driving! I think you would benefit from witnessing first hand the aftermath of some of Britain's road traffic accidents. Quite a lot of them are caused by cocky egotistical teenagers like yourself who obviously don't give a damn about anyone else. I would dearly like to see you lose your license until you are MAN enough to own one.

From a gentleman of the road - - a dying breed.

30th Oct 2001, 17:45

Rover 414 SLI is an excellent car. I learned to drive in one and its a total gentlemans vehicle, I'm only 18 and drive a Peugeot and am now looking for a 400 (new shape).

16th Oct 2002, 06:21

Whilst deploring poor driving by anyone in any vehicle, and I agree that the 'combat mentality' of many young drivers persists, it is worth remembering that in the end everyone is penalised by unduly high insurance premiums. Perhaps the only way forward is for insurance companies to insure only certain age groups, with certain experience. You may think this will work.. but what happens when an experienced 44 year old driver gets mauled by one of these baseball cap wearing, noise blaring, couldn't give a fig about anyone else morons? Perhaps the Police could do something more than just the easy pickings that they like? Speaking of the police. Have you noticed how poor their driving standards are recently? My regards to all good drivers, male and female alike.

1991 Rover - Austin 400 416 GSI 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Reliable, cheap, comfortable and good fun


Drive shaft snapped, some kind of electronic gadget from the distributor failed.

General Comments:

Although the car has had the two repairs and the electronic part costing £100, the car has proven to be excellent. Good value for money, economical, comfortable and fun to own.

I have put 50,000 on the clock in 2 years and the car has only been off the road twice. It starts on the key every morning (even in the bitter cold). They are prone to rust at this age and mine is no exception. Parts are cheaply and widely available particularly from breakers. I will replace the car next year with a 600.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2000