1997 Rover - Austin 400 Si 1.6 Twin-Cam from UK and Ireland


Cheap and ever so sensible


Driver's electric window regulator failed.

Vibratory engine at idle, especially from cold (possibly engine mounts). Doesn't affect the car when driving.

Heater switch only works on the top two speeds.

General Comments:

Surprisingly good small saloon from Rover, with no real build or mechanical issues. And only £600 with 12 months MOT! You couldn't buy an (awful) Ford Escort of the same age and spec for the same price.

The 1.6 Twin Cam K-series engine is revvy and responsive, thanks to the light weight of the 400 (just over a ton). I worked out the MPG to be 37mpg which is pretty good since I have a right foot of lead and it's been towing fairly heavy trailers recently. The car is very low geared though, and it's pulling nearly 3000rpm by 60mph.

The car drives much like a Honda, unsurprisingly given the Civic underpinnings - which means independent suspension by double wishbones all round, just like a Ferrari! The car is a little understeery in the wet, but it's probably due to the feeble Chinese tyres currently on it more than anything.

The styling is very grandad, but the saloon does look a lot better than the hatchback. I'm of a "boy racer" age and it's an very unsuspecting car to thrash around the countryside in. I really ought to get a tartan rug and tissue box to put on the parcel shelf...

The dashboard looks dated, but it's held up well over the past 8 years - the uphoulstery looks like your grandma's 30 year old couch though, and the faux-wood is nasty (I'm thinking of painting it piano black). The interior isn't incredibly roomy, I practically have to stoop to drive it.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2005

23rd Aug 2007, 08:06

The heater fan problem you are experiencing seems to be a common fault with this car. It's also very easy to cure this very annoying problem. If you remove the glove box you will see behind it, in front of the relays,two small screws holding a plate in place. Remove these screws and withdraw the plate. You will most likely see that the resistor coil has fused. This item will unplug and can be replaced for a cost of about £20.00 from any (Ex) dealership that still stocks rover spares. Hope this helps.

1997 Rover - Austin 400 414i 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A bit of an old mans car, but good to drive and economic


Overheating due to manifold gasket failure 40000 miles. Cost £25.

General Comments:

Dull and old world looks outside.

Nice quality interior; far beyond its price.

Fair performance, but noisy at speed.

Good to drive with nice controls ad gearchange.

Good handling and ride.

Doesn't cost too much to buy and run.


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Review Date: 23rd February, 2005

1997 Rover - Austin 400 GSi 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


Won't catch me buying a rover again


My rocker gasket leaks a little bit oil over exhaust on long runs (when in traffic car stinks)

Headlight, Rear stop and sidelight bulb blows about every month.

Starter motor sometimes turns engine over very slow.

Knocking suspension on front drivers side and rear drivers side.

Rear box goes every year got all bills to prove (all original rover parts)

Radio/clock display light broke so can't read even in the day.

Boot trim falling off.

Leather seats creak,lumber support knocks inside seat.

Brakes squeak.

Mate has a rover 200 and itis as bad as my 400.

General Comments:

The car goes quite well, Sounds nice with K/N cone filter.

Good MPG for a 2.0L.

The handling is Crap bounces and jumps all over the place. It gives the driver no confidence.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2005

1997 Rover - Austin 400 Si 1.4 from Sweden


A lovely, noisy, cheap car

General Comments:

It's a noisy little car, but it's so handy, we have used it for driving so much, and it really has lots of space when you fold down the seats.

The service mechanic tries to rip me off every time I go there, but I always double check it, so that has spared me a lot of sweet money. It always starts, even in -20 degrees Celsius.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2004