1998 Rover - Austin 400 GSDi 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Diesels are slow? Think again


Didn't pass emissions test on its MOT because the car isn't trashed enough as there's no need to, but a quick spray of 10k boost and a blast around the block sorted it.

General Comments:

0-60 in 10 and in gear times to scare a Cosworth, what more can I say? Know someone who thinks diesels are slow and noisy? One go in this will change their mind!

The turbo really cuts in at 4000 RPM so just don't be leaning forward trying to get your fags from the dash because you'll get thrown right back. Think I'm joking? Everyone does, but I'm not. I used to think that diesels were slugs and our 405 and 406 diesels did nothing to change my mind, but this car changed everything. 104 HP and 177 lb ft of torque compared with say the 306's 90 HP and 155 lb ft of torque, what do you expect?

Inside the leather seats are comfortable and supportive, there's plenty of wood and chrome and this gives a feel of luxury and sportiness. The stereo is way above standard and everything has a classy feel.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2001

4th Jul 2003, 08:56

The comparison between the Peugeot 406 Diesel and the Rover 400 Diesel is interesting. By co-incidence we own both a Rover 400 Diesel and a Peugeot 406 Diesel.

The 1.9 406 Diesels are slow, almost painfully so when pulling away from lights etc. But the 2.1 version is on a par with the Rover 400, the Rover accelerates a little more quickly (Very little in it) but the 406 is more relaxed on the motorway due to higher gearing.

23rd May 2005, 12:40

My Rover diesel does everything I need a car to do and more! reliably, Quickly, economically and comfortably. I cannot praise the car enough and have to make this point... if more people drove them instead of relying on the media then more people would buy one of these wonderful cars. 107K and still driving like new, not bad for such a disliked model if you believe all you read in the papers.

30th Oct 2006, 05:22

Finally some sane people who agree that the Rover 400 with a 2.0 TD is an absolute gem. I have the SDi from 97 on a P reg and it is all the car I have ever wanted. It is my first car, but Iv'e drove a friends brand new Astra 1.7 TD and my Rover wipes the floor with it. I learned in a Corsa 1.3 TD and it was SOOOOOOOO PAINFULLY SLOW. My Rover is also much better equipped than my friends Astra. Electric windows in the front and back, electric sunroof, electric mirrors as opposed to his 2 electric windows, electric mirrors and no sunroof. His interior is better obviously, the 400's interior is quite poor, but the hot hatch drive, equipment, economy, boot space and looks make well up for this. To all the haters I say get a life (and a Rover 400 TD) and to all the lovers I say Happy Rovering!

1998 Rover - Austin 400 416i 1.6 K from UK and Ireland


Excellent 2nd-hand car for the professional with a young family


Nothing, but then it is still pretty young.

General Comments:

A real contradiction - a competent family hatchback with exceptional cabin, but it has the brilliant K-series engine. The car is too heavy to be sporty, but the 1.6 engine is fabulous and does a lot to keep it head-and-shoulders above the other cars in the class. Quiet and comfy if you want A-road cruising, but the engine wakes up above 3.5K revs and really wants to run at 4K revs. A bit noisy at 70+, but still far better than the Golf.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2000

11th Mar 2001, 04:45

My 416i has an irritating rattle which seems to be somewhere in the off side doors or body work. I have examined the rear off side mechanism and found a loose plastic bracket which I assumed was causing the problem. No such luck. Any ideas? A colleague of mine has a similar problem on his 416i.

Mine is N Reg, 43,000 miles.

Gordon Hunt.