2001 Rover - Austin 45 TD iE 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Great value and reliability


Needed a new MAF at 130k.

Otherwise trouble free motoring.

General Comments:

The Rover has proved to be a very reliable and comfortable car. No breakdowns in over 70k of driving, and it's very cheap to run as the mpg is so high.

A pleasure to drive, and is very nippy in 3rd gear and above.

The A/C has proved a godsend on our travels abroad, and the boot is big enough for all our needs.

The original stereo system has been above expectations.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2011

2001 Rover - Austin 45 iXL 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A bit of a banger, that I was glad to see the back of


Passenger door window not working (fixed myself).

Radio not working (fixed myself).

Clock broken (replaced).

Heater not working on speeds one and two (fixed myself).

Driver's door wouldn't open x 2 (fixed myself).

Driver's window fell into door (fixed myself).

Oil and diesel leaks (still there when sold).

Mass air sensor broken (fixed myself).

Car wouldn't start x 2 (AA called, got it going).

Car completely dead x 3 (Worn earth lead from battery).

Headlight bulbs x 2 (replaced).

Wiper jets clogged (replaced).

Sudden drops in power (finally disconnected air sensor for good).

Rough tickover, used loads of water.

General Comments:

I've had a few Rovers but this was the worst. Bought for £900, so I can't complain, but the previous owner had not maintained her in any way.

Repairs to wiring using sellotape, no oil changes, and ancient filthy air filter, leaks, faults etc etc. The cable to the MAF sensor had been cut, and after replacing it, I found out why.

I repaired most of the faults, but couldn't find the oil/diesel/water leak, so she had to be traded.

On the plus side, when running, it did about 50mpg, and was fairly swift.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2011

2001 Rover - Austin 45 Impression Hatchback 1.6 K Series from UK and Ireland


Absolute bargain basement luxury motoring!


Due to the previous owner not spending much on the car when I bought it, I had to replace a few items due to wear and tear, most of which are needed on any car at 70,000 miles.

I was able to do all of the following jobs on the car myself, as the K series Rovers are very easy to work on:

* Head gasket failure, replaced with a MLS shimmed gasket due to water mixing with the oil and misfiring.

* Exhaust frontpipe and manifold cat - the car has 2 cats, one in the manifold and one under the front of the car; both were leaking, and reasonable prices to do myself.

* Exhaust backbox, very cheap to fit myself.

* Front CV joint, had a split ABS reluctor ring, causing an irritating clicking noise when driving.

* Ignition coils were defective and very cheap to replace.

* Had to have doorcards off to tighten electric window components due to them rattling.

* Radiator replaced due to aging and disintegration of fins.

* Aircon not working, and yet to be looked at.

* Replaced timing belt, very cheap to do and easy for a DIY mechanic.

General Comments:

I bought this car from an online auction for £560, and knew it needed a few things doing, and as I am good with the spanners, fixed the car up myself.

It's a very good car, and the second Rover I've owned, the first being a 1997 416Si. I'm very pleased with the comfort and performance now I've ironed out the faults that the car had when I bought it.

Most Rover K series engines will blow their head gaskets within 70,000 miles, and it's an easy repair (less than £100 for the parts), but dear when paying a garage, so don't buy an old Rover with a K series engine without catering for a large bill when it does go and you can't fix it yourself - be warned! Check the coolant reservoir for gunk and brown oily water, and check under the oil cap for creamy white deposits known as "Mayonnaise".

Old Rover 45's and 400's are very good value for money, and are a very practical car for the sensible motorist on a budget. Mine has no rust whatsoever for 9 years old, and is very frugal on fuel, averaging at least 40mpg.

Acceleration on my car is very good, but must be revved over 2500 RPM to get the best response.

Most 45's are very well specced, so you will feel in the lap of luxury, without the BMW price tag.

Not a car for young men though, as they have a pipe and slippers, conservative image, but I'm 38 so I like it - despite its dated design.

It has comfy velour seats, as used on the Rover 75, and on the higher models they have seat heaters too, but these I would only need on leather seats.

Parts are readily available from most motor factors, and they are cheap, so repairing your Rover need not be expensive, and just because Rover has gone bust, these cars are an absolute bargain now.

Although mine needed some TLC, I love it and want to keep it as long as I can, and the K series engine, when the original head gasket is replaced with the MLS type gasket, will be very reliable.

Go and buy one - I prefer the Rover to my old Nissan Primera!

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Review Date: 26th May, 2010

15th Feb 2011, 00:18

I wrote the original review, and this is just an update on my car, it's now Feb 2011, and since last May, I have not had to spend a penny on the car, it has performed superbly without so much as a hiccup, even through the very cold December we just had - it started every time. Just goes to show, with a little TLC when I first bought it, it's constantly returning over 40mpg on average (but I don't drive it over 3000 RPM) and has rewarded me with an MOT pass and superb reliability in the last year.

Prices for these cars are now rock bottom, and parts are still available through Motor Factors, so I'd say there's never been a better time to buy a Rover 45 with the cost of motoring being so high - but make sure it's had the head gasket replaced though if its around the 70K mark, if not, haggle hard and get the gasket changed for the uprated MLS type. It will be worth it in the long run.

I really love my 45 now, and love the fact that it costs so little to run.