1998 Rover - Austin 600 618 Si 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Beautiful styling and comfortable ride


The gearbox can be sticky at times, particularly engaging 3rd gear.

Power steering too strong (steering feels too light).

General Comments:

I fell in love with the Rover 600 the first time I saw it. Of the Rover family of cars this for me has the most appealing styling, more appeal than an equivalent sized BMW or Ford or any other saloon types. It's just such a sexy car.

The seats are very comfortable and the ride quiet and reassuring. Steering feels a bit too light because of the power assist. However, this greatly helps with reverse parking.

Also, as I do high mileages, I'm so far quite pleased to get 35mpg over some 1200miles, against a published 31mpg. Can't report yet on rate of use of other consumables as I haven't piled up enough miles, not like my previous car (Renault Clio) which I covered 281,000miles in (check that review!).

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Review Date: 12th November, 2004

1998 Rover - Austin 600 i 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Love this car, it's reliable and has lots of style and personality


Basically nothing really important:

At 87000 the driver's power window failed (the glass goes out of the frame because of the weak rubber of the frame). Typical problem for the Rover 600 and Honda Accord.

Rubber of the CV boot doesn't last long and may break the joints of the wheels if not replaced.

Delicate gearbox (as all Honda cars).

General Comments:

Excellent reliable car. Lots of people say there is no problem up to 200000 miles.

Not so drivable: need many corrections on the steering wheel; rear / side visibility not so bright, it takes a few weeks of practice. Lazy response of the car and the engine.

Engine noise OK (but only if is the 1.8 Honda, also more reliable).

Cabin noise just quiet enough, you still hear the noise from the tyres and the street.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2004

1998 Rover - Austin 600 620 GSDi 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Solid, dependable motorway cruiser


Nothing gone wrong with the car at all.

General Comments:

Regular services at 6000 miles.

Slippery leather seats don't hold bodies in place.

Diesel consumption similar to petrol if driven rapidly like a petrol car.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2002

1998 Rover - Austin 600 620 ti 2.0 ti from UK and Ireland


A F16 in sheep's clothing


This is a new addition to my family and cannot comment on the reliability yet, but figures show very promising.

General Comments:

Well what can I say, I asked my car dealer friend to get my wife a nice car with nice interior for about £3000 to £4000 for Christmas.

He came back with a 620 ti.

Me fixing bulldozers and cranes for a living had no idea of this monster in disguise.

If your kids need to get to school before they get there then find one of these cars, they are Mega fast and fun.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2002

29th Jul 2004, 14:15

I know what you mean and a lot of other reviews say the same, but its not just standard Ti's that are tearing up the roads. I know a 600 owner who has carried out extensive mosifications to his and the car now turns out over 200bhp. Nice!

14th May 2005, 04:25

A Standard 620ti already produces 200bhp, this is why it is so fast already, it's the turbo injection model.

1998 Rover - Austin 600 620Ti 2.0 16v turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


A cheap, solid and reliable rocketship!


Slight oil weep from cam cover (fixed in 20 minutes for £8)

General Comments:

I used to drive a BMW 320i as a company car and decided to take an allowance instead. Went and drove various things, went 20 miles in the 620Ti and bought it. It really is superb! Best bit was a mint 2 year old, FSH'd 26,000 miler from a Rover dealer cost me £5,400.

Interior quality is about as good as the 3 series, and reliability so far has actually been better (this hasn't broken down, the Beemer did). It feels very well engineered and solidly built, remembering of course that everything on this car bar the drivetrain is actually Honda anyway. The quality shows.

The turbo engine is awesome and still makes me grin now when it comes on song. It's well engineered too, with little lag and very progressive power. After 59,500 miles, it's still sweet as a nut, pulls as well as ever, and oil consumption is negligible. It even handles okay if you're not too brutal with the throttle. Dealers try hard and do a good job making servicing painless, if expensive.

Complaints? 22 mpg when booting it can be a bit painful (although 28 is more like average), and the cost of genuine Rover parts can be extortionate. I was quoted £74+VAT for a set of front brake pads - must be gold plated!

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Review Date: 25th June, 2002

15th Apr 2007, 12:11

Its sad that rover are gone now, but it means that so are the rover dealers who wanted to charge me 400 pound for a cat for my 1993 214, I went to clean spares in Plymouth, my local quick fix scrappy, and got it used for 40 quid and returned the old one to them and got 10 quid back.

Screw rover dealers.

30th Apr 2007, 12:17

The best bet for reliable servicing and repairs is a good independent specialist using either genuine, or good quality aftermarket parts.

There are as many crooks in the main dealer networks as in the back street garage trade. The difference is they hide behind their manufacturer endorsements and plate glass showrooms.

Ask yourself this. As margins on new cars are eroded, how do you think they pay for their plush premises and free coffee?