1999 Rover - Austin 600 620TI 2.0 from Denmark


Great car


"Airbag" and ABS fault flashes red 5 sec. 8 times within 10 min. Sometimes number of revolutions meter (o/min) and speed. meter (km/h) fails. The voltage drops to 10V DC very unstable why?. I have changed the battery. Sometimes the battery discharges totally.

General Comments:

I love the acceleration and anonymity of its looks.

The handling is great better than any car I have driven

Outstanding acceleration and safe overtaking, and very quiet.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2003

15th Apr 2007, 11:58

Voltage problems and battery discharge sounds like your alternator, change it from a scrap car about 15 quid.

I have a rover 214 and had the same problems, at a guess any way.

Check your wires as well.

Also if you change your alternator, make sure that the backing plate is tight when you put it back on, I thought I had rattles from my suspension, and changed some bits to no avail, then found it was my backing protector plate.

1999 Rover - Austin 600 Di 2.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Beefy, economical diesel


Bushing to pin the gear lever to the chassis is worn and causes the gear lever to rattle - should be very cheap to fix. Apart from that - nothing (although I'm only on month 4!)

Suspension needs replacing and the car wallows through corners if the suspension is not up to snuff.

General Comments:

The diesel engine is inter-cooled and has excellent performance, albeit with an unmistakeable diesel sound. Between 40 - 80 mph, the car will out-accelerate most regular diesel and petrol cars and has a lot of torque. First gear is a pain in the ass though - the car never has enough power to clear roundabouts, lights etc. really comfortably.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2002

15th Dec 2002, 19:23

RE: gear linkage rattling, if you lubricate the linkage with water-proof grease (so that it lasts) the rattling noise will become almost inaudible.

1999 Rover - Austin 600 618 Cambridge 1.8 from Netherlands


A reliable, comfortable car


The switch for the mirror-heating stopped working.

General Comments:

After two years I still enjoy this car every day. Although acceleration is not it's best point, it is a very comfortable car to drive. Especially if you love the luxury of Rover: leather seats, wood finishing.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2001

1999 Rover - Austin 600 620 Ti 2.0 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


An extremely underrated and very fast vehicle


Nothing has gone wrong, although the temperature gauge seems to fluctuate every now and then. Possibly may need a thermostat replacing.

I managed to purchase 205/55/16 P6000 for £81-00 fitted!!

General Comments:

The car has tremendous low torque and delivers its power more like a 6 cylinder.

The cabin is airy and wind rush is low.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2001

30th Oct 2001, 18:15

Past Rover engines used to have an overheating problem, the consequence is that the modern 2.0L 16v is pretty stable and the temperature gauge should stay pretty much dead centre. If it moves about quite a bit it may not necessarily be thermostat: coolant might be low, or there may be a leak.

8th Dec 2002, 14:07

Hi, I have recently purchased a 600 Ti.

It's a great car, except for a few problems, including the temperature needle being erratic (it has gone off the scale, i.e. cold not hot), and also clutch and gearbox problems, which I know are common with this car, but good for me, it's still under Rover warranty, because they fitted them both new 6 months ago. I had a receipt, and they're repairing them all for free, seeing as they weren't fitted correctly in first place, allegedly!

Other than that, no problems. The car is very quick, loads of smiles when boy racers are left at the lights in shock ha ha.

Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on air induction kits for this vehicle, especially if they have one fitted. Would appreciate any comments on the best etc?

14th Dec 2005, 07:19

I think you mean 180kmh.

16th Jan 2006, 09:10

No he didn't.