3rd Feb 2005, 13:12

Just to say, the 620ti is as said not k series, but a T series (T16 I think), and also all diesel models were made by Rover as well - and they are known for their reliability. Ours never had any problems, but then ours was treated respectfully. A blown head gasket is likely to have been the result of over-stressing the engine. The gearbox would only fail if it was ill-treated.

They are not bad cars at all, and rate them far higher than the equivalent Honda models.


21st Mar 2005, 16:05

Totally disagree with you about reliability of t series turbocharged engine. mine done over 77000 miles with no major problems, unlike the vw golf I previously owned.

22nd May 2006, 08:17

I totally agree with the last poster - all the engine ARE Honda and the Honda-based machines score top marks. I own a 618i - the 1850cc HONDA VTEC engine, 1996. No problems at all. Cracking motor.

The K-series wasn't in the 600 at all, to the best of my knowledge - thankfully - coolant reservoirs too small, so by the time you know you have a problem, you've probably cooked the head gasket!

22nd May 2006, 12:26

Can I just say, to set things straight once and for all, that the 23rd February posters comments are correct, and the only Rover engines in the Rover 600 are the 2.0 Diesel, and the 2.0 Turbo engine. The rest are all Honda. That is definitely correct!

31st Jan 2007, 18:12

Can I just point something out from the above? the 600 was never fitted with a VTEC engine, ever.

Complete nonsense about the reliability of the L series diesel and T16 turbo engines, reliability issues are only born out of shoddy maintenance and unsympathetic (read 'stupid') driving on any car, ie harsh use from cold, not giving the turbos time to slow down after a run, that sort of abuse.

All the good comments go to the Honda equipped 600s?! have you actually read any of the other reviews on here?!

Oh, and the K series thing? I saw it on Watchdog, so it must be true... good god!!!

The K series was so 'awful', several sportscar manufacturers decided to use it, namely, Lotus, Westfield, Ariel and a few others besides.

I currently have a 620ti with full Rover service history. It's still on it's original gearbox and engine, both of which are in very good health at 108k. But how can this be? the wise sage above has told us how bad these cars really are, he must be right then surely? or not.

And you can't count tyres and wear on the seat as 'things that have gone wrong'!!!

That's like saying 'I didn't put any petrol in and it stopped working, I'll never, but one of these cars again!'

Kind regards.

1st Sep 2008, 14:42

Just a correction here. The transmission/gear in the 620ti is not made by Honda, it's made by rover and it's one of the parts in this car with the most errors. It's a very poor transmission.

What has to be said as the most impressive thing about this car is the performance, cause this car looks like a copy of some Honda accord from the outside, but it kicks ass when accelerating from a stop. Very quick at the first part of acceleration. Reliability is poor though, but that doesn't mean that these cars can't run 71000miles without major issues.

The rover parts in the car are just poor.