2000 Rover - Austin 75 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Up there with the best of the European cars


SRS warning light remained on.

Leak from heater.

Rattle at idle from the inlet manifold.

General Comments:

This was a purchase from the heart not the head - a Rover 75 with cream Connolly hide upholstery, pseudo-wood dash in British Racing Green for the price of a Toyota.

There were a couple of mechanical issues, which I think disillusioned the seller, but neither were major to fix. The heater core required NZD800 to replace; the SRS air-bag warning light required cleaning the connectors under the front passenger seat, and the manifold rattle at idle I have learned to live with (caused by wear in the butterfly valves).

Comfort and ride are excellent. The seats and seating positions are a class above. The quality of finish is top notch - even the hidden body surfaces are fully painted and properly finished. Rattle-free. I wash and dry the car weekly, and it comes up better than most brand new cars.

What I use to consider a "poor man's Jaguar" I now consider a "poor man's Bentley".

Parts are still available via the mechanic's network. For example the new heater core was shipped in within a week from Australia at a cost of AUD200.

Performance is not great. Excellent at high speed (quiet, glides along like plane at 150km/hr) but it takes a long time to get there. Likewise on hills or with a full compliment of passengers - use the gears or it will struggle.

The gearbox is very good. At 3,000 rpm the supercharger kicks in (that's what it feels like anyway), so by working the gears you can make the car go respectably fast.

Petrol is typically 11l/100km (25mpg) for a 50km commute. Around town 12l/100km (23mpg).

I think I'll hang onto this for a while longer. I rather like it.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2011

8th Jun 2012, 01:13

The rattle in the manifold as you describe is often caused not by wear in the butterfly valves, but by the motors that control them, called VIS motors.

Easy way to test, is to just unplug them one at a time, to see when the noise stops (they're on the top of the manifold, so you can't miss them). They're about £90 each in the UK, and transform the car if you have one that has failed. The power that you describe as kicking in at higher rev's, is returned to the lower rev range.

If you still have the car, check out the forums at MG-ROVER.ORG. It's got detailed write ups on all these issues.

2000 Rover - Austin 75 Connoisseur SE 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


A really pleasant place to be



General Comments:

This is my second Rover 75.

The last one was a Connoisseur without SE pack, and hadn't been particularly well cared for by its previous owners.

I ran it for over 3 years and 30000 miles with little incident.

If it had been tidier, I wouldn't have bought this one.

I saw this low mileage car with full service history and all the extras I'd ever want, so I bought it.

With the automatic transmission, they're a nice big powerful car, which are very pleasant to drive around the city and on the open road.

The handling is good, but not sporting.

Exceptionally comfortable and refined.

The V6 pulls willingly all the way to the red line, and is never harsh.

They look of the car is understated, but very classy in comparison to other cars in the same class, which are trying to be too Germanic.

The cream interior is very tasteful. The wood is real. I spend a lot of time stationary in traffic or on motorways, and I like the cabin. The uprated audio is also excellent.

I get 25 mpg out of the car. My two 75s have proven to be reliable and hard wearing. It isn't a flashy car, and I can go about my business quietly.

I find the car suits my needs very well.

The very low purchase price is a consideration. These cars are absurdly cheap when you consider what you get; often not found in other cars for similar money.

Electric heated seats with memory

Dual zone climate control

Electric rear blind

Parking sensors

Harmon Kardon 6 disc CD

Headlamp washers

Glass sunroof

Cruise control

Steering wheel controls

Silky smooth V6 engine

Quality 5 speed auto box

Self dimming mirror

Real wood and high quality leather

As with any secondhand car, take your time, look around, get a well specified one which has been well cared for, and you've got a great car for small money.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2009