75 Classic Tourer 2.0L CDT turbo diesel

A fitting epitaph for the British Motor Industry

159 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

75 Connoisseur SE 2.0 CDT

Quiet, smooth, with a superb ride quality

218 words, Serbia

75 CDTi 2.0 turbo diesel

Abysmal reliabilty, and cost of repairs

208 words, UK and Ireland

75 Connoisseur SE CDT 2.0 diesel

Exceptional value for money and a beautiful car to own and drive

136 words, UK and Ireland

75 Club SE 1.8

This is what Rover is all about

324 words, UK and Ireland

75 Tourer Classic SE 2.0 CDT

Still an old man car

99 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments