29th Oct 2004, 06:00

I agree with review above, because I think even though it may be crudely built, it does it's job, it doesn't fall apart and it is slightly cynical, in way saying that it will. Also, it's only a city car! It's not meant to be built like a VW passat! And I certainly disagree with what is said in review no.2. Although, my main criticism is,the lack of equipment, which is embarrissing! I don't think it's such a bad job.

15th Dec 2004, 06:05

I bought a Cityrover Sprite 6 months ago and wish I never. I'm trading it in already as I am so unhappy with the amount of problems also amount of wind noise when you go faster than 50 mph.

10th May 2005, 14:02

I have a City Rover Style, and I'm happy with it, for "city driving" its great, has good visibility, good steering turn and enough leg room in the back for the tall people. the car has the usual remote central locking ABS, twin airbags, CD player etc, enough spec, and it is reliable and runs well. if I want luxury, then I take my Bentley out of my garage, but it is a totally different car. I happily traded in a jinxed Renault Megane which cost me hundreds of £'s in repairs and could not off load it fast enough.

2nd Oct 2005, 15:50

I was thinking of getting one to replace my metty 100 GTa, but I think my GT is better listening to what you have said thank you.

9th Nov 2005, 10:02

As an owner of a City-Rover Select I can only say that this car does exactly what I want and expect from a town car. It is very nippy, I think the lower gear ratios are just right for city driving, with an excellent choice for 5th gear. I get 42.5 mpg average on long runs, and about town this drops to about 38mpg, still very good. I find it cruises very comfortably at 70 mph, is extremely roomy inside and the all round visibility (both night and day) is superb.

The headlights and instrument illumination are excellent (funny how road tests never seem to cover night driving). It does some minor foibles, but I love it anyway - and I am not a Rover dealer, but just an ordinary Joe.

16th Nov 2005, 02:45

Was this the car that the TV programme "Top Gear" weren't allowed to test, so they went undercover and hired one to show how bad it was?

17th Feb 2006, 18:39

What do people expect when they buy a "city"rover what you get is a car built to be good in the city, The fact that the car is too low geared to be effective on motorways is irrelevant as this is not what it's designed for. My style model has all the toys, and is as well presented as many other small cars. Maybe if the British press was not as critical we would still have a thriving car industry.

As far as I can see the car lives up to expectations with nippy around town performance allied with reasonable 38mpg fuel consumption.

19th May 2006, 04:07

I bought a City Rover Select 12 months ago - I've had the AA out twice! Last summer the spark plugs were replaced, in September the spark plug leads were replaced, in November the coil was replaced and in March the head gasket was changed/skimmed? It's in the garage again after losing power the other day and warning signs appearing saying "check engine" and "mil" - the AA chap thinks it may be a faulty coil. I traded my little metro in and didn't have any problems with this - it was just getting old and tired!

21st Sep 2006, 08:38

My family has had a City Rover from last January, so far it has been the biggest joke of a car ever, the worst things about this car are the gearbox is shocking. When changing gear it's not smooth, it feels like you're changing gear with an umbrella.

The ride in the car is the hardest I've ever known, to the point of just being uncomfortable and most recently, today the thing nearly killed me. I was driving down a fairly busy main road when the whole lot just packed up, the electrics were the fault. It appeared that the immobiliser came on when I was in motion. Thankfully I managed not to cause an accident, but believe me when I say this was more luck than judgement.

This issue has been around with this car for some time, usually only when you first come to start the car, and the only way to get it going again is to jump it.

It's a piece of rubbish and if you value your life, don't buy this car.

21st Mar 2007, 11:36

I bought a wee Cityrover secondhand for $3000, it was almost 3 years old and low mileage. All the gadgets included in the Sprite model.

I honestly doubt the intelligence of some people posting comments here that are expecting to buy a miracle car with a name like "CITYROVER" for 3 grand, its not a racing car, not a powercar, nothing like my old Polo, but it is exactly what it is supposed to be. A $3000 car, that's a run-around. It goes fine on the motorway for a few hours journey every now and then when it has to, but it was bought for short journeys.

You get 5 doors, CD player, enough room, alloys... for 3 grand. What did you expect?

Obviously there are problems, are there are with any car. My friend brand new peugeot 207 has been in and out of the garage, but it a great wee RUN-AROUND.

Use your head before you buy a car. Don't expect VW quality and standards from a 3 grand Cityrover. If you want that then pay 8 grand for a Polo which is amazing, If you want a great 3 grand car, get a Cityrover.

18th Jun 2007, 16:52

My Cityrover is a 53 plate Cat c, and I was a little dubious to say the least when I first bought it, but I must say I'm happy; I get good mileage, it's cheap and it turns heads. Bargain. Let's hope I can still say that after three years and the next MOT. My third rover... 218 diesel, 420 gsi and now this one, so I know class!!

29th Sep 2008, 08:35

Have just picked up the car and driven it from wales for four hours mainly on motorway. The inside trim is poor and the general quality is poor, however, this car is our 2nd car intended as a runaround for my wife. For this purpose I think the car is suitable. Purchased this car (sprite) very, very cheaply hence expectations are not high but you only get what you pay for. Reliability is the main worry but that remains to be seen. So far so good and wife happy.

21st Oct 2009, 10:21

Bought the CityRover for my wife in Feb 2005. It was six months old with 2000 miles on the clock. Still got it, it's now (Oct 2009) got 40,000 on the clock, but is still going strong.

Not had too many problems with it. Yes the interior is a little cheap and the wind noise at 80 is noticeable. However around town it’s a fab car. It turns on a sixpence, can be parked in tiny spaces, and you can get four large adults and one child in comfort.

To date we have no major bills, just the usual brakes, wheel bearings etc. Generally a good buy, and cheap.

5th Dec 2009, 14:49

Just bought a City Rover Select 53 plate. On balance the car is pretty good - worth what you pay, but then again, I've experienced the starting problem. The battery looks like it's had it, so I've got a new one to stick on. This has been highlighted by the problem in starting due to the immobiliser seemingly being temperamental because of a lack of electrical power. Even had to bump start it. So, new battery will go on tomorrow and fingers crossed. Hope it's not the alternator... then again it might turn out to be dodgy leccy... oh well. Keep smiling :)

12th Feb 2010, 14:33

Hello, I have bought a 2004 City Rover Solo with 29000 miles from new on it. The gearbox is faulty, it failed its MOT on top suspension bushes, which are not available in England, and now it has immobilised itself completely and is totally unoperational, and nobody can help me. I have both keys and key fobs, and would welcome any advice. Tel: (01423) 526 842, Mobile: (07946) 837529. PLEASE HELP!!!