5th Feb 2006, 20:30

I'm one of the biggest fans of the rover coupe. I have just turned 21 and love the cars and are really under estimated and pure value for money. (when you buy them) I say this as I can no longer afford to run mine due to a crash I had last Feb in my old fiat. I just had to get rid of my 216 D.O.H.C. SE. (CRX) Being a young lad I do play at the lights if you know what I mean, I was very rarely beaten and have beat a new Astra 2.2SRI in Lincoln centre. Now for the bad points.

I don't know why, but just before the back box tends to rust through, the car was sold to me with receipts for 4 exhaust (not full system). As previously mentioned I have had to get rid because I have now lost my No claims bonus due to my crash last year. For some bizarre reason my insurance has gone up to £4980. I have no records or any thing and I only slid off the road when I crashed. (57k damage) ha ha.

Hope fully in later life when I have more no claims I could find another fine example of my gillytine (pet name) and carry on my journey.

19th Feb 2008, 14:54

I luuuurrrrrvvvveeedd my Rover 216 coupe. It is blue, lowered, big alloys, big exhaust. I have had it for over five years and its done some real mileage and in that time it never failed an MOT. It never let me down and I changed a headlight bulb twice!

Unfortunately it has been sitting on my drive for the past 6 months due to the head gasket going strange. as it's a HONDA engine, and I had it all sorted (by a dodgy garage) who didn't do it properly. Cost me £300 it lasted 2weeks and died on me. I have not the heart to get rid of it just yet as I loved so much. Soon it will have to go. Real shame as I love it so much, and it makes me sad to see it still sitting there...