1989 Rover - Austin Maestro Van 2.0i diesel from UK and Ireland


Front wheel bearings last 5 to 12 K miles which I have been told is usual!!! (direct from a dealer)

New injector tips at 180,000 miles.

General Comments:

This van is not a working vehicle but has been to Prague and beyond twice with no problems apart from smoking a bit when faced with eastern european fuel.

People scoffed at the chances of the first journey - but hey she/it did it twice!

The front wheel bearing are THE biggest problem. I have been told they are crap as standard. Have tried various makes and would like BL/Rover/BMW to give me some cash for the expense of buying and fitting them.

Dealer service (?), let 'em do a cam belt and they split it on fitting. I found this as the water pump went a week or two later and fitted it myself.

Doing a proper job yerself an' all that jazz.

Oh well keep up the good work and we'll smoke off into the distance (Know anyone with a turbo engine kicking about?)

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Review Date: 18th February, 1998

9th Aug 2004, 01:08

Update, I posted the comment above- The turbo diesel engine does go straight in, but not the easiest engine swap I have done. The van did indeed go like the clappers with the turbo lump- acceleration was startling and it would sit at 90 quite happily. it's scrapped now, I think the engine block was either porous or cracked as coolant was entering the sump.

22nd Feb 2006, 15:18

Thank god I ran a turbo charged Maestro for the last 12 years. Perkins engine is a real workhorse and never let me down, though now it's burning a bit of oil, but still has passed its MOT.

With a bit of turbo and diesel boost, the old champ is still faster than my brother's Mondeo 18tdi powered Escort Van and our company's other van, a 4 year old Astra turbo. I usually deliver loads from 500-800 kgs and the van will be happy to serve while the others, especially the Astra, will be suffering.

The only problems with the Maestro are rust, tough ride, a bit of engine noise, and with a turbo engine, the front disk brakes don't work well unless not ventilated, with regards bearings, I found Timken the best.