1994 Rover - Austin Maestro Clubman 1.3 cc petrol from UK and Ireland


A good reliable car that's been a pleasure to own


Clutch cable broke at about15000 miles- 15 min job to replace though.

New radiator at about 90000 miles.

New thermostat at about 100000 miles.

General Comments:

Internal space for external size is excellent.

Very economical, even at 100000 miles plus still returns 40mpg in summer, 36 -39 in winter on reasonable length journey.

Maintenance on engine easy by modern standards with everything visible and within reach.

Original battery lasted until Jan 2003.

Regular wheel alignment checks helps reduce heavy steering.

Rust starting to need attention 6-7 years old. Worst at base of hatch and wheel arch under petrol filler. Rust at junction of B pillar and sill may become an MOT issue soon.

Visibility through rear window good, plastic trim around windscreen sides means a fair amount of head moving.

Metal bumpers rust from inside if knocked and not dealt with immediately.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2003

19th Aug 2006, 13:38

I remember reading that when BMW first took over Rover, their management were staggered that the mastro was still in production- they thought it long discontinued. I always found them a worthy escort competitor, particularly the mg turbo version.

1994 Rover - Austin Maestro 700 Van 2.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Super workhorse, badly finished


Glow plugs replaced (a devil to remove).

Brake lines renewed.

Front windscreen twice.

General Comments:

Good gutsy workhorse, will see off most Ford Escort Diesels.

Superb engine.

What prompted me to write is the fact that I have just done 507 miles on one tank of diesel, not on any motorway, urban motoring, pussy footing the fuel consumption was nearly 57 mpg!! From a heavily laden trade vehicle.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2001