19th Nov 2002, 10:46

Best thing that could have happened I think, hopefully these dreadful cars, will all be totally off the road soon, thank god they came from the factory with rust!!!

12th Apr 2004, 09:57

Know nothing fool!!!

29th Aug 2005, 15:37

I had a late 1988 (one of the first of the "facelift" model) 2.0 EFi MG Maestro which was affectionately christened "The Beefburger" by all my mates. This was partly due to the square edged styling and partly due to the red stripe around the car's midriff looking just like the layer of ketchup in a burger.

As for the car itself, I remember it as a cracking hot hatch. Quick, torquey, much much better handling than the Astra or Escort of the time, and remarkably reliable. And shock horror, despite having no nostalgic fondness for the crap churned out by Austin Rover, I still think the MG Maestro looks superb. Angular styling always works best with bodykits and flared arches.

At least it was a nice motor, until it was stolen and burned out by joyriders in 1993. I then ended up with sensible company cars right up until last year. Driving past a used car dealership on my way back from a meeting last year, I spotted an immaculate 91 (H) BRG MG Maestro on sale. One owner, 62,000 miles, full Rover history, HPI clear, and just £395 sold "as seen". After a test drive, I bought it on the spot. My wife went mental, but even she now concedes it's actually a decent car to drive. No matter which of us drives our 2003 Golf GTI 1.8T and which drives the Maestro, the Golf is appreciably slower along a good B-road.

A stupid "nostalgic" purchase, but I felt 20 again!

30th Aug 2005, 09:04

Saw these being raced at Donnington once. Great fun. Hilarious too. And to be fair, they don't hang about!!