1970 Rover - Austin Maxi 1750 1.7 from UK and Ireland


The best British car we never had


Required two new front wings at 46,000 miles.

Head gasket replaced at 48,000 miles.

New water pump at 49,000 miles.

Brake master cylinder at 49,000 miles

Clutch plate wore out at 44,000 miles.

General Comments:

The Maxi Club is a great help in finding bits.

Most parts can easily be repaired by the DIY mechanic at home, after all I did the repairs myself (apart from the wings) and found it extremely easy.

In keeping a Maxi on the road, I now go over it every summer while it is warm with Wax-oil, pay attention to the front of the sills behind the front wings & also remove the trim panels and get the wax-oil behind the rear wheel arch box sections. Such effort now really can pay huge dividends later!

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Review Date: 1st November, 2001

1982 Rover - Austin Maxi 2 HLS 1.7 twin carb from UK and Ireland


The most under-rated car in the world!


Many things, but it was my first car and I was only 12 years old, and that is where I got most of the info I have now on motorcars.

General Comments:

A damn good car!!!

My dad and his brother both had at least 5 each and the last one my dad had was in 1993, and that was a V-reg 1500 in blue. We went to Torquay twice in it, and the only problem we encountered was a little overheating.

The last one my uncle had was a X-reg Maxi2 HLS which I ended owning!

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Review Date: 28th April, 2001

1st Nov 2001, 12:41

I learned to drive in a Maxi and I believe that it is the most underrated car this country has ever produced!!

It's great at swallowing things, a huge amount of room inside, considering it's external dimensions. A true practical car in all its needs. The only problem being that it can be heavy on the steering at low speeds, but like any car you get used to it.

Out of all the Issigonis front wheel drives, the Maxi surely rides the best, and as for what is said about the gearbox, well I've also driven other BMC cars and to me the Maxi 5 speed rod shift is possibly one of the best gear-boxes going!!

19th Sep 2008, 16:12

I too learned to drive in this Maxi, great car.

Only 3 problems that I can remember; I always found it hard to change gear. Secondly the rear suspension always kept going down, always had to pump it back up, and thirdly one day as we were driving in it, the wheel came of as we went round a bend on a country road.

Apart from that, a great car.

1981 Rover - Austin Maxi HLS (Twin Carb) 1750 from UK and Ireland


A very practical classic


There have been no major problems, the master slave cylinder on the clutch leaked once. Most of my spares are now purchased through the growing Austin Maxi club.

General Comments:

If you own a Maxi, or have in the past why not join the Maxi club, parts are easy to find through the club, and good vehicles for sale are advertised and there are plenty of ideas.

The best towing car ever designed - the overhang from the back wheel is very short. Simply the most practical car ever developed in the UK.

Sadly they were not given much credit in their day, so many ended their lives early heading for the scrap yard - what a shame. I am only 21 this being my first Maxi, but it is our 7th family Maxi.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2000

3rd May 2001, 08:21

Brilliant cars. My cousin had 3 for his upholstery business and used them for years to lug furniture round in. reliable and never let him down. First one was a J reg and the last was a W reg. Then he hit the big time and bought a BMW! He never had another one after that but then he didn't need to lug furniture round anymore. We could also get an extended family of 9 in it and luggage etc as well and it never complained once. Perfect. A credit to British engineering, albeit a rare one.