1991 Rover - Austin Metro GTi 16v 1.4 Twin Cam from UK and Ireland


1.6 Corsas and Balenos are hopeless against my baby.


Within 10 years, and 111,000 miles all I have had to do, apart from the odd service here-and-there, is replace the thermostat and the oil pressure switch.

General Comments:

Like the rest say, it handles sweetly and goes like no other small car... totally underestimated, mainly by Corsa and Baleno drivers..

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Review Date: 14th March, 2001

30th Apr 2001, 06:31

No bloody metro is going to get 9/10 for performance. The idea of metro and performance together in the same sentence is laughable.

14th May 2001, 16:58

Sorry son, but with 105bhp and 0-60 in 8.4 seconds standard the Metro GTi MPi will leave a lot of cars for dead. All from a 1.4 as well. Before you go accusing Metros of being rubbish, go and drive one cos you obviously have NO idea what you are talking about. Stop being offensive to Metro drivers, and if you really want performance a 1.8 conversion is easily done and will have 145bhp, standard 0-60 in 6.3 seconds.

14th Sep 2001, 16:34

The Metro GTI is a wicked car, only let down by rust. I have blown off Golf Gti's, BMW 325's and Corsa GSI'S!!! The engine is mental, it screams through the rev range. It brings a smile to my face every time.

30th Nov 2001, 14:11

The GTi is a great car with an excellent engine, but to point out to the guy above who obviously has no idea whatsoever - the engine is a Rover K series unit. Honda has absolutely nothing to do with this engine.

10th Jan 2002, 05:56

Quote "The idea of Metro and performance together in the same sentence is laughable".

I like to see any performance car take on the Metro 6R4!!

1991 Rover - Austin Metro GTi 16v 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Cheap speed!


Head gasket at 10,3000 miles (new engine needed).

Radiator at 103,000 miles.

Clutch at 103,000 miles.

Gearbox at 112,000 miles.

Inner arches corroded on both sides at 104,000 miles, needed for MOT.

Starter motor at 113,000 miles.

Immobiliser packed up at 113,500 miles.

General Comments:

The 1991 model is quicker than than the older Metro's with 103bhp.

On the other hand the insurance is quite high, it is rated at insurance group 11!

Not so good for taking your mates out as it is a bit of a tight squeeze.

The Metro is quicker than most people think, it is just as quick if not quicker than the boy racer XR3i!

The Rover Metro is totally reliable (when it is running) though it can be expensive to repair.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2001

26th Feb 2001, 13:48

My '91 Metro GTi is suffering the same as yours. Head gasket at 79,000, both rear arches are rusty and the passenger floor well is leaking.

The radiator has a slight leak, but seems to be soldiering on (I imagine there was quite a bit of oil stuck in there).

Ah, a riot to drive though apart from being uncomfy in the back.

Oh yeah, a CD player is a waste of time due to hard ride. But for £475 and 6 owners it could be much worse.

Cheers, Alex.

22nd Jan 2002, 10:06

Bring it on xr3i drivers!!

8th Feb 2002, 16:12

Be very careful when driving these little beasts, very easy to crash the damn things (I know, I've crashed mine!) In saying that, 60mph and only £300 of damage...

29th Jul 2002, 08:55

My 1991 GTI, is wicked, I was so pleased with the performance after hearing bad reports

I've had mine lowered and have added some top quality kit and now its the buisness I've lost count of how many XR3's and various other Boy racer machines I've wasted, the ride and performance of such a small cheap car is amazing even in standard form and yet people seem to underate it so much they are fantastic machines.

4th Mar 2003, 04:43

The cylinder head gasket seems to be a common fault on the Rover 1.4 engine. My Rover 214SLi went and it needed a new engine!

18th Apr 2005, 06:42

My imobiliser is busted and I can't start my engine. any one have any helpful tips?