1992 Rover - Austin Metro S 5 door 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


A cheap runabout that's also fun to drive


Petrol tank breather pipe eroded (due to me brimming the tank every fill up for 4 years). Cost £10 to replace.

Patched up the insulation around the wiring loom to the windscreen wiper motor after very heavy rain and tyre spray blew the fuses.

General Comments:

A very cheap car to run with no serious problems. The only costs were for routine parts and servicing.

The handling was great fun. Plenty of grip and communicative steering.

The ride was a little hard on poorly surfaced roads, but settled at higher speeds.

For the engine size, the car was fast. The engine was quiet and smooth, although wind and road noise did intrude at higher speeds.

The space in the back seat was a little tight but was fine for just occasional passengers.

I enjoyed owning and driving this car for 6 years, now my girlfriend drives it.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2001

6th Sep 2001, 04:56

What a great review, spot on mate.

I had a Metro too and it was the best car I'd ever had for driving enjoyment.

The 1.1 K series engine was a gem; reliable, powerful and smooth.

The ride is hard, but that's probably why the handling is so good.

1992 Rover - Austin Metro S 1.1 from UK and Ireland


OK if you're over 70 (not mph, AGE!)


Engine wasn't terribly noisy, but that was until you got to 70! Cam-belt was changed, as were a number of other minor niggling parts.

General Comments:

Performance is crap! My 45bhp 1.0 205 was faster than this cars 60bhp!

The person who had 110 out of theirs probably modified their engine, this one couldn't go no more than just over 90!

Ride was unsettling and the cars poor build told at speed, it vibrated & wobbled like a jelly!

I've put don't know in the 'Would you buy this make again' field, because I may buy a Rover again, but not a Metro!

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2001

19th Jun 2001, 14:44

Yeah mine was like this, and with these engines it is essential that the carb is set-up properly. Take it to be properly adjusted and trust me, it is *a lot* quicker than 1 1.0 205 :)

1st Nov 2001, 12:39

I currently have a 1.3 Austin Metro, and mine reaches a speed so far, of roughly 100mph, and the engine hasn't been modified at all.

22nd Jun 2002, 14:31

The reasons for the performance, handling and ride problems is simply because the suspension is low and needs gassing up. Once sorted its like driving a different car. Smooth, nippy, easy to manoeuvre and quiet.

1992 Rover - Austin Metro S 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Another dodgy Rover


Fan belt needs tightening every 500 miles.

Dodgy fuel gauge.

Rear wipers broke.

Passenger door keeps buckling.

Misfires a lot!

Sunroof leaks.

General Comments:

Good first car really, although I wish I'd have gone for a Nova (etc) because it has no street cred at all!

Its got high milage so I'd expect it to be on its way to the scrap yard soon because it's badly built.

Considering it has 60bhp (high for a 1.1L) it's very slow and you have to have your foot on the floor though all gears.

Petrol consumption isn't very good either.

If you are old and drive slow... buy one!

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Review Date: 17th March, 2001

24th May 2001, 09:55

Yeah I've found that my doors buckle on the rubbing strips two... crap eh?

27th Jun 2001, 15:57

To add to all the other things that have gone wrong with my Metro, the suspension on the drivers side has deflated, don't know how much its gonna cost to fix, but you have to admit it shows how shoddy it is!

22nd Jul 2001, 06:58

I think you must have been really unlucky. I often drive my girlfriends 1.1 Metro, and find it good fun, quicker than most similar cars, and very economical. And this is a car that has just gone past 130,000 miles, with little more than routine servicing. Nothing much wrong with the body either, except for the odd shopping trolley scar.

10th Oct 2001, 12:21

Chill out a bit eh? I have a 1.1, H reg. Yeah the fan belt always needs tightening and the fuel gauge may be dodgy but my little baby just keeps on purring. She might not be much to look at and the back seats might be a bit cramped, if you know what I mean, but she always starts first turn of the key every morning. Long live the 1.1 metros!

8th May 2002, 17:34

..just wondering what fan belt.. is it not a 1.1 k-series? Thought it would have an electric fan or am I talking rubbish? :)

26th Feb 2003, 12:08

I, ve got a little 1.1 metro and she is sweet as a duck. Nether gives any trouble and allways starts 50,000 on the clock and not a service to her name apart from the odd oil and filter, "GOES LIKE THE WIND" I got her to 95 the other day mind you the sunroof does leak and that fan belt has a mind of it's own. what a car though eh definitely better than my old fiesta. a truly magnificent piece of British and automotive history where would we be without the metro. THE BEST CAR ON THE ROADS, in my humble opinion.