1997 Rover - Austin Metro LX 1.11 from UK and Ireland


Cylinder Head Gasket.

General Comments:

I purchased this car basically as a write off. It was involved in a driver side accident. It cost me £300 at an auction. Being a panel beater, meant I could quickly and cheaply get hold of a new driver side wing (bolted big plus), and door, which were quickly fitted, and sprayed to match its orginal colour. Anyways after correcting those faults at a cost (£100), which took all of a week, the dreaded cylinder head gasket went. Now the k-series engine has a serious weakness with head gaskets. The way to cure it is to make sure you get the cylinder head bolts tightened every 12 months, 6 months preferably (make part of your regular service!) to ensure that the gasket, and head is tightened to the right torque tension. Failure to do so, will result in continued CHG failures, and worse, it cost me £65 (DIY). The HG went at 40K. Since then my wife has been driving the car, and has had no problems whatsoever. I sold this car today for £1300. I've told the new owner how to maintain the k-series engine, whether she does, is another matter. To me it was money well spent! I'd definetely buy another one! TIGHTEN YOUR CLYINDER HEAD BOLTS EVERY TIME YOU GET A SERVICE.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2004