31st Jan 2001, 17:29

Thinking about purchasing a GTa as a second car - my current being a Nova SR. The reason? Tuning parts are EVERYHWERE and are dirt cheap i.e. £55 for a cam kit - jeez it's the A-Series engine and can be made to shove out more power than a Nova GTE for a few hundred squids. Tuning parts hard to find? Not really after 40 years of development in the Mini. Assuming you ain't got a K-Series engined job.

18th Feb 2001, 18:09

Where exactly do I find the tuning parts and how much do they cost. I'm only 19 and was wondering about the cost of insurance? Someone help. I am also considering polishing the head etc. Any advice would be appreciated (I originally wrote this article).

20th Mar 2001, 15:12

For tuning parts try www.needforspeed.co.uk.

I too have a Metro 1.1 and it's quite nippy. Even my mate in a done up Fiesta thought so...

1st May 2001, 15:12

I think that the metro is an under rated car as I have a 1.3 and it is very nippy. It leaves my mates cars for dust and see's off any boy racer with ease.


6th Jul 2001, 15:59

I've just passed my test (I'm 17). I have a 1989 Metro GTa, red, and its been in our family for 8 years without major problems...

Recently we have started to derust what little rust there is..

The engine is fairly potent over 3000 and the handling seems to be fun; a lot more grip than the Fiesta the driving school had! I look forward to driving this car for a few years to come :)

5th Oct 2002, 14:03

I used to own a yellow GTA and there was only 1 piece of rust on it. When I bought it, it had already been modified, but all the details were with it. It showed that the parts had been bought from mini sport in Padiham in Burnley (well they are practically the same car!) and as long you can fit the mods yourself or get someone to it you are alright. Also the parts are very cheap!