29th Jan 2002, 13:42

I'm the reviewer of this car and now I've had enough. It's going!!!

It's crap!

It's a bouncy go-kart.

Everything leaks.

Suspension is going.

Steering is going.

Lost £1000 value in a year.

The best thing is my Peugeot engine.

Put your foot down. Wait 5 seconds then suddenly you hit warp speed. Unfortunately the car can't handle it and decided to disintegrate. So now I'm part exing it for a Vauxhall Corsa for £400.

17th Oct 2002, 05:21

I've also got a Metro 1.4 CD. It had it's head gasket replaced about 4 years ago and now needs it done again!!! Has anyone else ever had this problem?

18th Jan 2004, 03:26

I bought a metro 1.4cd 4 and half years ago. Its had 3 radiators and the head gasket went summer 03 whilst on holiday in Cornwall. Rust on rear wheel arches and the suspension needs pumping up regularly. Its very rattly and I am told the engine mountings needed replacing. I've also had 3 clutches, but that could be me. Other things are the bottom half of the speedometer cable snapped, and recently the wiring burnt out behind the fuse box also the headlights had to be replaced due to the adjustment mountings going.

Good points are the exhaust has lasted since being replaced in the first year. I do 280 miles a week and have put on 57,000 miles since buying very economical on diesel.

23rd Jan 2004, 14:20

I have owned a metro 1.4 CD for 2 years now. Its the best most economical small car I have had to date. The only thing I have had to replace was an exhaust tail end. It sailed through its m.o.t.with not one problem. Sorry the headlights required adjusting. Theres some rust now appearing on the back arches, but that is standard. The engine up to now has been magnificent. There is now 52000 miles on it and it runs like a dream. If I have another good year out of it I will be well satisfied.

6th Aug 2004, 18:53

I've just bought a 1.4CD, what a stroke of luck. As with the other good metro on this site, it sailed through MOT with part of the exhaust being replaced after 4 years. Tiny bit of rust which was cured with a wire brush and a tin of paint. Squirt some waxoyl onto all parts at the back end, and bobs your uncle!