1982 Rover - Austin Mini HL 998cc from UK and Ireland


Huge fun for such an economical little car


When the car was purchased (for just £110) it had just three weeks left till it's next MOT. We were expecting a large repair bill and this we got. We had to replace the sub-frame, weld the floor and rebuild the brakes.

Soon after the MOT we had to replace the exhaust system so fitted a full "Stage 1" tuning kit. After an adjustment to the fueling, the performance of the car was transformed. We can highly recommend this!

Two years after the first MOT, we had to replace some brake pipes and weld in another small patch in the floor.

The car has now been off the road for a few months and required further work, but on the plus side, every repair (and indeed spare parts) are very inexpensive.

General Comments:

This car is cheap to insure, cheap to run and cheap and easy for the home mechanic to maintain.

Handling is fantastic and comfort is reasonable for such a small car. The engine pulls well for a 998cc (especially with the Stage 1 kit fitted). Let down by poor brakes (drums all round).

The size makes it very easy to park and good in busy traffic. You can carry surprisingly large loads.

Everything about the car has character and charm. We thoroughly enjoy our Mini!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 3rd December, 2004