1992 Rover - Austin Mini Neon 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Everyone should drive a Mini at least once!


Nothing much, choke not that good.

General Comments:

My mum's car which was the first one I was insured on.

Great first car if you buy second hand. No good for motorways or if you are particularly safety conscious (this one was written off in a relatively minor accident (not by me!)). Very slow but seems very fast, would go up to an indicated 40mph in first!

Nearest you'll ever get to a go-kart in a car.

Best steering and cornering car I've ever driven.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 15th July, 2000

20th May 2001, 16:21

I have a Neon too - great first car - now all my friends have minis too! Rumour has it that it is impossible to blow up a standard mini engine - they just keep on revving (40mph in first). They may not feel too safe but it is their sure-footed handling that means they can quickly get out of trouble without too much effort.

26th Jan 2002, 16:24

Mini engines do take a bit of blowing up ;)

Taking of writing cars off, my mates mini wrote a Escort off in a relitively minor accident (nearly sent us flying off the road though). The mini's now fixed but doesn't quite go as well as it used to...

11th Feb 2002, 13:22

Yes, everyone should drive or have a ride in a Mini once in their life. I did have a ride in one about 1969. It was a 59 model with sliding windows when they were called a Mini Minor. Never really fancied getting in one ever again! Noticed the new BMW Mini alongside a new Nissan Micra today and quite comparable in size, but will they be real sellers or just appeal along the lines of the new Beetle, PT Cruiser etc. When, just WHEN will someone recreate a Minor? Now that would be interesting!

1st Nov 2002, 05:16

I just recently bought a 1992 Mini Mayfair. It is great. Is the closest to a go-kart, inside of Lisbon I go faster than all the traffic because the car is so small, and I can park any were. I do have a little problem though. I like fast cars, and when I bought the Mini I knew it was gonna seem fast, but actually be slow. So I ask the mini owners and fans who knows what can I do to make a little quicker, and where can I find the parts to make it faster, like a website for example. Please email me at rseguroo@hotmail.com.

6th Feb 2007, 14:34

Buy a "Mini World" or "Mini Magazine" these are full of accessories!