1990 Rover - Austin Montego LX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Reliable, inexpensive motoring


Nothing except routine replacements over 100,000+ miles.

General Comments:

Being a LX it came with electric windows, central locking, sunroof and mirrors that were also heated so on frosty days they would clear quickly - useful. Never broke down or had anything go wrong. Only thing needed replacing over the years were the tyres, exhaust, battery and alternator that you could do with any car. Spacious, comfortable interior with excellent visibility. Still gives high 30s mpg. Economical to run and insure. Prone to rust on rear wheel arches if neglected but these are easy and inexpensive to rectify.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2000

1990 Rover - Austin Montego MG 2.0 EFI from UK and Ireland


There have been a number of problems ranging from engine water leaks requiring new water pump, general rust and the facia feels like is going to drop on to your knees.

General Comments:

Well I bought this car thinking it would be a good reliable car. Boy can I be wrong, interior trim feels and looks cheap, but for some reason people try to break into it (if they asked nice I would give it them) requiring a new door lock.

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Review Date: 18th November, 1999

1990 Rover - Austin Montego LX Estate 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Now how long have I got?! It started when it was bought second-hand: constant oil leak from head gasket; noisy exhaust manifold; rust on arches/tailgate/bonnet; central locking failed door by door, squeaks and rattles everywhere, binding brakes, needed new alternator, distributor failed, i.e. we broke down. A previous 1986 model I had was the same but also overheated on 8 hot slow journeys (fuel boiled in pipe next to exhaust), had even more rust, it just had no electronics to be able to go wrong!

General Comments:

Well it did provide transport for a family that was cheap to purchase. But all the faults cost a lot of money and it was scruffy, unstylish, and depreciated from £4500 to £200 in 4 years! It was practical, it drove OK and was average in all other respects. If you can get anything better, make sure you do - I wouldn't settle for one of these!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 1999

1990 Rover - Austin Montego DLX Estate 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Rust - wheel arches and roof weld seams...failed alternator is only extraordinary problem. Also usual wear & tear like tyres, exhaust, brakes. Also have replaced parts that have failed through sheer exhaustion like the door hinges, tailgate struts & electric window switches.. well, the car has done 152,000 miles!

General Comments:

Good long distance load lugger, sometimes a bit under-powered (I put this down to age!), comfortable, loads of room, & mechanically A1 reliable.. it starts first time every time & just keeps on going! A good overall package let down by poor bodywork.

Of all the Montys, the diesel estates are the best.

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Review Date: 7th February, 1999

4th Mar 2005, 09:41

Still running a 1994 Montego DLX Estate. And agree most of the comments made. Waxoyl has preserved the body, but this is a loosing battle.

The car is comparatively underpowered compared with a modern 2.0 turbo diesel, but compares well with the 1.6 petrol car it replaced. My other car is Land Rover so the Montego is seen as the "Sports Car" in our household.

Bought with 27k on the clock 8 years ago, now pushing 160k and still going strong, where can I find another one?

19th Aug 2006, 13:27

I always thought the diesel montego was a cracking good car. my sister owned a 2.0 petrol GTi auto, I found this OK up to about 70 then gutless, and frighteningly thirsty. the turbo diesel was a fantastic car. good performance, great economy, just a shame they never got to grips with the rust. I can well remember seeing 3 year old examples with the front edge of the bonnet totally rotten. the build quality was dire, if you take off the plastic cladding around the bottom of the doors there is bare metal underneath- no wonder they rusted!

This car deserved to do much better- dynamically there was nothing wrong with it. I briefly worked for a taxi firm back when the montego was current, we had a montegos and sierras. the montego was the car the drivers all fought over as it was faster and handled better even in 1.6 petrol form.

28th Jul 2007, 05:12

I've got a 1994 Montego 2.0 DLX EST. It's now done 129000 and has been a good car, but rust has set in and I need a front bumper, all doors plus a boot lid. And this week I hit a block on road and need a new sump.

If you have any of this parts, please contact me a dawson235@Btinternet.com


1990 Rover - Austin Montego Countryman 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Not much at all apart from the usual wear and tear e.g. Tyres, Exhaust

General Comments:

Montego's are good, cheap, reliable cars.

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Review Date: 15th April, 1998