10th Sep 2007, 11:36

2003 9-3 Turbo - Following problems:

-Passenger door lock problems, mind of their own

-Headlights burned out after 3 months

-Fan motor in heating/ac unit makes a lot of noise... so I have to keep it off or on full for the noise not to happen.

-***New issue GEARBOX MALFUNCTION I couldnt' shift my car from park to reverse... I had to shut it off and restart... very weird.

Pros: Lots of power, and is very responsive, looks great... otherwise I am def going back to JAPANESE CARS.

13th Nov 2007, 22:56

I bought a 2004 9-3 ARC last month with 11k on it, and I can already tell that the sunroof doesn't work correctly; it works, but it can be difficult to shut without some help because it sticks some.

I just had a light go out tonight where the cigarette lighter is, probably a fuse. The sunroof should be under warranty still.

Hopefully nothing else will happen in the future, but the handling and the engine are superb, it merges onto the highway like nothing I have ever driven, fun stuff.

15th Nov 2007, 21:53

Bought a 2003 93 ARC this past August. It only had 50k's on it. Since then I've had the following problems:

- Oil leak; from broken steering wheel gasket

- Driver window goes up then goes back half way down on its own.

- Stability control failure signal comes up every now and then, sometimes even when stationary.

- Fan makes an awful squeaking noise at low to mid speed

- The car shut down on me while I was driving... in a curve... downhill!

- Alarm goes off whenever it feels like it.

The car was a real blast to drive, so I fell in love with it right away. I should have read the comments on this site and other reviews before the purchase. It was the first and last time that I bought a car on a hunch, I usually do some research, but anyways. The car is a beauty to look at and to drive, but too many glitches, way too many! All I know is that I'm done with Swedish, I'm going back to German or Japanese.

4th Dec 2007, 12:49

I bought a 2005 Saab 9-3 Linear 2.0t.

At 25,000 miles I got the Immobilizer Failure which Saab claimed they fixed. Two days later I got the same failure, but the car eventually started after an hour. A week after that it happened again and the car started after an hour or so. This past weekend it happened yet again and after three hours I finally had to call roadside assistance and have the car towed to the dealer. Today the dealer called and said they can't find anything wrong. I told him to check the internet and look at how many people have had similar issues. There's a problem here and I think there should be a re-call.

In addition I have had the following problems:

-Key won't turn in ignition.

-Car will not lock and systems stay on when key is removed.

-Bogging out when trying to accelerate quickly.

20th Feb 2008, 07:54

I have a 2007 9-3, First 10 Km was all OK, after that I received noises from front left side of the car. I went to dealer 2 times and they discovered nothing. They said they will replace both shock absorbers on front. After that the car is slipping out on curves at low speeds, again the guilt is on the shocks.

The sound system is rubbish, I replaced all the speakers in the car and now is a little bit better.

I had WV and BMW before and had no problems.. I don't know what to think.

22nd Feb 2008, 15:07

Wife’s 04 9-3 ARC. Bought used at 42k miles. Current mileage is 67k miles. What’s broken...

6 Disk changer skipped a month after purchase & progressively got worse, and now is completely useless. Dealer won't cover, still not fixed.

FM Radio noise with defrost on. Replaced noise filter, now they want to try the rear window. still not fixed.

Burned out low beam on passenger side 2 times. One on drivers side. Will have to try the firmware update as mentioned a few comments ago.

Burned out 2 tail light bulbs drivers side.

Steering noise. sit motionless, and turn the wheel steadily and there is a clunk, clunk, clunk while in movement. Sounds like restriction in the power steering, not a bushing sound. Explained exactly how to reproduce the sound, brought it to the dealer. They said they didn't hear anything, even took it for a ride for an hour. The wife then indicated where the noise was coming from. They told my wife another hour later the vehicle had a cracked coil spring! Haha I doubted that, but let them do it anyway. They replaced the perfectly good spring with another one. I didn't even pull out of the parking lot after that and had the service manager come out and showed them the noise. Give me a break, broken coil spring!

This time they replaced some strut bearing? Guess what, still not fixed. gave up on that one too.

Some bushing or strut noises from passenger rear as well... didn't bring to dealers attention yet, as they struck out so far... figured one problem at a time. haha.

She wants to trade it in. Not happy.

23rd Feb 2008, 16:54

I own a 2003 Saab 9-3 and I couldn't be happier with it.

No issues at all!

23rd Feb 2008, 22:12

I purchased a 2004 SAAB 9-3 Linear 6 months ago, used, with 40,000 miles and have had many 'unexplained' problems.

-car alarm goes off randomly while driving, very embarassing in traffic!

- interior knobs, buttons, etc. are peeling off.

- loud thud noise when going over bumps.

- front driver side light has been replaced twice along with high and low beams (however, if you jiggle the wires they magically work again)

- brakes are extremely jerky and sensitive.

When I went to take my car to the SAAB dealership to get these problems fixed, I discovered they had went out of business. The closest dealership is now an hour from my house. I'm getting rid of this car asap because I can't even imagine what can happen in another year! I want my 1993 Corolla back!

27th Mar 2008, 13:29

I have Saab '93 convertible 2000; it developed clunk clicking noise in the steering wheel. After seeing the dealer, the steering rack separated from the Bolck head. They contacted Saab and they are going to repair it free of charge.

28th Mar 2008, 06:36

The rack issue used to affect the Vauxhall Cavalier as well. There's a lot of shared DNA between these two cars.

4th Apr 2008, 10:30

I have a 2 year old Saab 93 TiD that seems to have poltergeist. The windows open by themselves while the thing is parked and the clever key fob frequently won't open the doors. I have to pull out the "real" key to open the passenger door manually, setting off the alarm - embarrassing at one in the morning in the suburbs. The dealership have been great and it is now going back for the third time for them to reset the software. Third time lucky?

7th May 2008, 20:15

Just bought 9-3 vector 2005. Looks great but is troubling me already. ABS warning light has popped on in SID and the side / dipped beam does not appear to work on the right (UK drivers side), but having checked the bulbs they are fine. Wierd.

Poor choice in retrospect. Just hope easily solved.