4th Jul 2007, 08:34

I too like the Saab 9.3 Linear for looks and performance. Great on that end, but in three months since I purchased the 2003, with 40,000 miles, it has been in service at David O'Neal in Raleigh, NC 7 times with less than 47,000 miles on it. From sensors on transmission, headlights, seat belts, power windows went out on driver side this week, spent $500. Got the car home that day, the A/C fan went out, I thought maybe a short/fuse problem from previous work that day, took car in, another sensor for fan, a/c another $500. $1000 in 2 days. I was told that the 2003 9.3 had many problems, but each year the car has improved. From reading these notes, I do not believe that. I was told by the dealer if any other problems occur, I can trade out. I am not sure if I will. Toyota/Lexus has been a very reliable car, I to will probably go back to that car.

14th Jul 2007, 23:18

I wanted to address the person with the intermittant engine notification - try replacing the gas cap if you haven't done so thus far.

For the other posters, yes, this car is very high maint. I've found however, the extended warranty offered by my dealership is excellent and I will be purchasing it.

Also, the Saab dealer here in Seattle replaced all of the peeling parts mentioned by various posters. I purchased the car from a lease return and the previous owner obviously didn't understand that you cannot us oily cleaners to wash these types of coated things.

One issue I have is my door speakers do not work and yes, the fiber optic issue and dual amplifier issue. I may rip out the entire system and put in a new one. All told, I'm happy with my 03 9-3 linear. I love my car and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

8th Aug 2007, 14:41

I agree with everyone. I bought my Saab 9-3 Linear a year ago as a certified pre owned, and it is garbage. I've been in for at least a dozen problems.

The steering is garbage. I put out my own money, because the dealership didn't feel that the steering was that bad, and upgraded the bushings, installed a 3 support brace, and upgraded to Koni FSD shocks before I felt like I was driving a decent car.

I had computer problems.

I had to have the frame on my seat replaced because it was broken.

And the dealerships are horrible. I wish I could get my money back for the amount of days they had my car, and I couldn't drive it, probably over a month in the first year. I should get a payment refunded.

Oh and an FYI; the 60,000 maintenance is so expensive because they charge $350 to do a $70 transmission fluid change.

15th Aug 2007, 05:24

I bought my SAAB 93 Vector 2004 (Aero as it was in 04) model used a year ago with 30000 miles on the clock. I frankly am stating to regret it. It was this car used or a brand new Honda Accord Sport, I chose the brand.. I have on average been at the dealership in Sandton South Africa once every 2/3 weeks, so much so I am friendly with most staff. I have made friends even!!The staff at Sandton SAAB in Johannesburg, South Africa are great, but that aside, I am replacing my car early next year and it probably won't be a SAAB.

Yeah the car looks great, drives fast and is sexy. But my catalogue of drama speaks for itself:

-Blown light bulbs, at least 3 times

-Window "PINCH PROTECTION" problem, 5/6 times

-Left light bulb STILL has a problem, it's a phantom on/off problem which makes light flash at night, it just comes and goes and you get SID messages. I have learnt to wiggle the wires near the bulb and it goes, I hope it won't burn the car down one day

-Noisy Gearbox, it made my car sound like a diesel, 2 trips it took to rectify

-Key programming issue, 3 times

-6CD Changer problem, needed replacement.

So often were the dramas, the guys "knew" my car and fixed stuff with no record of it while I had coffee.

All these were under warranty so I paid nothing, but note the countless hours in courtesy cars etc.

I spilt a milk shake on the back seat behind the front passenger seat. BIG MISTAKE, the amp is gone and they want US$1000. I can't replace the system with a normal radio, I have now learnt about the fibre optic stuff that runs all the audio stuff, even the audible warnings and turning light "clicks" depend on it... so I have no choice. I am opting to stay radioless till the new year when I get a new car.

I love SAAB, the attention you get, the tradition,individuality, lovely looking cars.. etc. Or is it that GM have made SAAB lousy??? I will stay away from GM brands if I change.

Although the last fault is my own issue. Self inflicted pain... I think its time I call it quits as its broken my love affair. (funny how money does that!! I think its the fact that I am paying for the first time and my warranty is up... I recently replaced BRAKE PADS for US$300). So that will make it $1300 in a month... all because the warranty is gone so I now try calculate the costs of all the stuff above had I had no warranty.

Maybe there is a reason why so many drivers buy the "big" brands... sorry guys at Santon SAAB, You are the best bunch of people, but I am doubting that my car is the best out there. I have promised myself a brand new car with no more drama after I get married in December. I can't afford a naughty expensive car AND A NEW expensive WIFE!!!

A car is about the joy of driving... not time spent at the dealership. I love my SAAB, but if you were me what would you do? Especially here in South Africa where cars are so expensive anyway...

23rd Aug 2007, 20:46

I just bought my fourth Saab, a 2003 9-3 Linear with 41,000 miles. It runs great, but I notice a bogging or roughness at the low end of 5th gear. It's an automatic and the roughness occurs in the 46-49 mph range. There is a barely noticeable noise (almost an apirating air noise) and slight vibration. Any ideas on what might cause this issue?

24th Aug 2007, 18:11

I own a 2003 Saab 9-3 Linear and I'm extremely happy with it. I have not had any major problems.. (minor problems such as burnt bulbs, or the spring on the clutch). The car is very reliable as long as you give it its proper maintenance, and also you shouldn't rip it all the time.

31st Aug 2007, 09:54

I bought my Saab 2003 9-3 brand new. It now has 46,000 miles on it. It has been in the shop more than it's been on the road. The earliest problem was the stalling for no reason in traffic. That happened at least 14 times before Saab discovered that it was their problem and fixed it. My seat broke, side mirrors fell off, sunroof does not close, seat belts recalled, key recalled, gas cap and fuel line recalls, perpetual check engine light, starter replaced, brakes went, battery went, headlight replacement (frequent),On star no longer supports its system which did not go on in a serious accident, handbrake malfunction while stuck in a snowstorm, currently starting capriciously with a new battery and starter, I could go on... It is, quite frankly, the worst piece of machinery I have ever owned. It will be paid for next May and I hope someone will buy it from me, but I hesitate to foist it knowingly on anyone. Not only is it unreliable, it is unsafe.