30th Nov 2009, 14:31

22:51 My experience with Saabs has been much like yours (minus the accident - thankfully). My wife & I own 2 Saabs - I own a 2003 9-3 Convertible, and my wife owns a 2006 9-7x, both are incredible vehicles - reliable, comfortable and well designed.

We love our Saabs!

4th Dec 2009, 02:55

Hi everyone.

I'm sure that none of you has as much experience as I have with different type of Saabs.

I've been working for a used-car dealership located at Orange County, California for less than a year.

We mostly get our inventory from Auto Auctions in California.

As you know, Auto Auctions are the places you would find the worst and dirtiest cars from!

Since then, I've bought more than 10 used Saabs from auctions (Model 9-3, year 2003-2004) and most of them were first year models (2003).

The first Saab I purchased was a 2003 Linear with 96000 miles on it! The car had absolutely no problem but a tiny scratch in rear fender! And I sold it in less than 3 days for $8k. After a month the customer called me and requested to purchase another Saab for his daughter!

The second Saab was a 2004 Arc model with 83000 miles on it. After test-driving it for 500 miles, I noticed a warning of "Low Coolant Level, Refill" and I refilled it and the problem was gone, and never came back again.. anyway I sold that one in 3 weeks for $9k...

The third one was a 2003 Linear with 69000 miles on it. I sold it in 2 weeks.

The fourth on was a 2004 Arc with 84000 miles. Had a check engine light on while I was buying it, but got it fixed for $13.99 gas cap!

Then I got a 2007 Arc with an amazing 63000 miles on it!! (63000 miles in 2.5 years!) The car was a dreams with no problem. I personally drove it for 1500 miles in 3 weeks and finally sold it for 12k. Saab offers 7 years/100000 miles powertrain warranty on its 2007 and newer models.

Then I purchased a 2004 Arc with 97000 miles! After driving for a 1000 miles, I noticed some malfunction with the locking system, and for couple days I couldn't use remote control to lock the doors, however I could use the tiny metal key to open it, and before I even take it to my mechanic, the problem fixed by itself and didn't come back again.

And also I experienced couple convertible 2002 and 2003 9-3s, which I was satisfied with as well.

Right now, I have 2 Saabs ready for sale. 2003 linear with 74k miles and 2004 Arc with 42k miles. Both have been already test-driven and serviced.

My dealership offers 30 days or 1000 miles powertrain warranty, so we should make sure of the cars that we are selling in public in order not to get in trouble by the costumers.

And about maintenance cost, our mechanics do everything for cheap. Not only for us, but also he does for public for the same price. For example replacing front light bulbs including labor for $20 each, replacing brakes and cutting rotors $40 each, transmission service (fluid and filter and labor) :$65...

And finally be aware of these 2 problems in most of 2003-2004 Saabs : the trunk and hood Saab emblems are faded, the interior dash and door handles rubber coating peeling..

Good luck with your new purchase!

1st Mar 2010, 22:22

I just acquired a Saab 9-3 convertible (2003). It has intermittent starting issues. Ran to the store to pick up an item... took maybe 20 minutes... came back out and the car wouldn't start. This has been going on for about a 6 months now. I'm patiently waiting to go back to the store to see if it will start again. Had recall work done on the fuel line already. Does anyone know what the problem may be with the intermittent starting?

The brake, ABS, and other lights come on intermittently as well, but I think I have that down as the vehicle needing brakes. I may have to look into the brake recall to see if the vehicle qualifies for that. And to top it off, no more Saab dealerships in town and GM doesn't have any mechanics that will touch it... lovely.

Does anyone have any advice? I owe a pretty penny on this vehicle and am fretting that I may be "stuck out"... waaaaaaaaay out. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

10th Jun 2010, 09:12

Thanks everyone for your comments and honesty. I bought my 2003 9-3 new from the showroom with 13 miles on it. I'm now at 47,000 miles.

My car has had most of the problems listed listed: headlights (replaced by an unscrupulous "factory trained Saab specialist" in Boston for $400 a pop), dead battery within 3 months of purchase, emergency brake replacement, driver window off track, top of gear shift came off in my hand, faded hood loco, passenger seat belt sign on, peeling rubber, etc.

The latest is the right rear brake light warning even though it's working, and the moonroof not opening.

I bought my Saab as an investment with every intention of keeping it for the long haul. I love my car, but must admit it's a money pit. The new owners of Saab would do well to offer incentives for repairs to the dogs GM produced to restore Saab's good name!

15th Jul 2010, 15:50

I am truly empathetic to those who've experienced the same misery I have... I do not have time or energy to list all the issues this car has had, other than to reiterate the car is in the shop on average every 6 weeks.

I bought my 2003 9-3 Linear in May 2007 for 18k, it is now worth $1800 - no joke. I'm not good with math, is that a 1000% depreciation?

The most major issue was two engine replacements in Aug of 2008 and Aug of 2009. The car was gone for 2-3 months each time. Covered under extended warranty, the invoice including the car rental for the 09 repair was over $21,000 Canadian. 20x what the car is worth today. This type of irresponsible repair is an example of why GM has failed and will fail again.

I hate everything this car represents to me financially. My wife hates the car and hates me more for holding on. The only reason I do is because there is STILL an extended warranty remaining on the car. I'm trying to set a record for engine replacements aside from Nascar/Indy car series owners.

I work from home, so I don't even drive the car, it seems to willingly fail on its own. There is Always a light on. I truly believe this model and my particular car is some sort of messenger from Satan himself.

My next car is a Subaru for the wife and a Honda for me once I run out of warranty and the car fails again.

To those who have had good experiences with the 2008 MY, well that's the first year Consumer Reports hasn't NOT recommended the Saab, so you should probably not even be commenting on this post for the 2003.

Ps. to the comment on "7th Aug 2008, 05:17"

This line made me cry, and it's truly a perfect summary of my experience: "...The cost to fix it is over $8000.00, $7999.00 more than the car is worth."