2001 SAAB 9-5 SE 2.3 LPT from UK and Ireland


Cheap comfortable barge


Engine light came on randomly with no apparent impact on anything. Ignition cartridge replaced with second hand one, and no issues since.

Some pixels on SID come and go.

General Comments:

10 years old, 140K but still very nice to drive. Very comfortable and large useful load space (estate).

Went into this well aware of the potential sludging issues, and found one that had been well looked after using fully synthetic oil and regular changes plus sump drop. Previous owner also put the latest PCV kit on, had a reconditioned turbo and changed the pulley (liable to fail). Should be good for a few years now.

Goes pretty well for a big heavy car, but do pay for it in fuel usage.

Like most cars, they have their issues; just look for one that has been looked after.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2010

2001 SAAB 9-5 SE V6 turbo from North America


Don't be dazzled by luxuries, this car isn't worth it


I have only had this car a month, and I have driven it 2000 miles, and everything you see has gone wrong:

- The engine light came on (98,900 miles)

- The dome light case fell off

- I found out in burned oil pretty quickly

- The front struts started squeaking (99,600 miles)

- A popping when turning

General Comments:

Let's start with the good points, because if you're looking at this car for buying, you're going to want to hear them.

Well, it is really classy, and it rides really nicely. The "sport" button on the automatic is really fun, and being able to turn off the Traction Control System is pretty awesome.

It's an average looking car, but the interior is really unique in that respect. It is incredibly comfortable for long drives (as long as it functions properly). Not to mention when people ask you what kind of car you bought and you say "a Saab", the reactions are usually flattering...

Now for the bad...

I will not buy another Saab. Yes, they are a fancy, but if you're going to spend to money for a luxury sports sedan, by a Bimmer, a Benz, a Jag, or a Volvo. I haven't even made one payment on my Saab and it's having so many problems and it hasn't even hit 100,000 miles.

Oh, and when I bought the car, it came with one key. An extra key is $350, and if I lose the key I have to buy a new system, which is around $2000. Thanks, Saab. I'm 21 and I wanted a cool, luxurious sedan. Thanks for putting me in a problematic situation.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2010

5th Apr 2010, 09:29

"Thanks, Saab. I'm 21 and I wanted a cool, luxurious sedan. Thanks for putting me in a problematic situation."

Wait a minute... I mean no offense, but Saab did not put you in a "problematic situation". You purchased a used car with nearly 100,000 miles on it. Did you know the vehicle's history? You went from a pretty basic Honda to a much more complex vehicle. Did you have it thoroughly checked out by a reputable mechanic familiar with Saabs before you purchased it? Did you take into account the higher cost of maintaining a high-end vehicle before buying it?

In my eyes, I think you should take a little responsibility here. Saab didn't make your buying choice. You did. Perhaps you should be thanking yourself.

26th Apr 2010, 21:48

Don't harp on the kid. Things go wrong that a mechanic's 1-hr, $50 inspection just won't see or anticipate!

These days you expect a car to make it past 100,000 miles without very serious repairs needed. My sister has a '98 Pontiac that is at 300,000 on the original powertrain -- not even a rebuild of either the engine or transmission. Just a few things, like CV links, the ignition module, maybe $500/yr average maintenance. That's the way a car should be.

To the original poster -- besides the key issue, what are the myriad problems you've run into? Other people looking at buying a used '01 wagon would appreciate knowing what to watch out for!

13th Sep 2017, 13:26

You bought badly.