2003 SAAB 9-5 Aero 2.3 High Output turbo from North America


Fghter jet - hold on, keep up if you can!!!


To date, bulbs burned out in upper SID display. Dealer charged $70.00 to replace the bulbs.

Fuel pump went out; covered under extended warranty $800.00 repair.

My worst gripe is with GM who took over Saab... my Onstar service no longer exists due to the switch over to (digital service). I've been informed by GM / Saab that although GM has made a retro fit kit for the switch for GM products, there are no plans now or ever for GM or Saab to make a kit to convert Saab's Onstar system to work... poor customer service in my view!!!

Replaced brake pads front and rear with ceramic pads due to heavy brake dust on wheels.

Stop light failure comes on SID display, although the brake lights work fine. Seems there are glitches with Saab's electrical system!!!

General Comments:

My 2003 Buick Regal was totaled due to being rear ended on the freeway by a hit and run driver...

Went to my local dealer to look at cars, and found a 2002 Cadillac Deville DTS. Just as I was about to sign on the dotted line, out from the service bay comes this beautiful vehicle; my now 2003 Saab 9-5 Aero triple black!!! I inquired with the salesperson about the vehicle and took a test drive.

Now I understand the saying "BORN FROM JETS". This car drives and handles like you would not believe.

It's loaded to the max: factory moonroof, front and rear heated seats, which are full of support and adjustments, cooler in the glove box, hid adjusting headlights / fog lights, auto trans with paddle shifters on the steering wheel, heated mirrors, sport and winter mode for transmission, added for flare green turn signal bulbs front and side marker, custom black and chrome 18" wheels and low profile tires, satellite radio, chrome dual exhaust tips, tinted the windows lots of options on this jet...

If no more electrical problems pop up, then I would be inclined to keep this car forever??

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Review Date: 18th September, 2008

25th Jun 2010, 07:57

06/25/10 - 137,000 and still going strong... Trans sometimes shifts rough after turning a corner, seems to occur after freeway driving... my Saab service tech says the trans fluid may simply need to be changed... we shall see.

21st Oct 2010, 01:05

Keep the reports coming. I am considering buying one.

2003 SAAB 9-5 from North America


No confidence in its quality


Nothing has gone wrong in the five weeks I have had the car, or in the 400 miles I have driven it.

I am so disgusted with everything I have read, and have asked other owners, I just want to sell it. Every owner I spoke to, 5 altogether, said to make sure I get an extended warranty, $2500. Even the tech who changed all fluids said to get a warranty for sure..

This is a one owner car that was traded on a new Volvo S60. I paid $3000 less because it sat three months on the Volvo lot, and as the dealer said "no one looks for a Saab at a Volvo dealership. Take it, or it's going to the auto action.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2007

15th Nov 2007, 23:01

So, why did you buy this car?

I'm interested that you have only driven 80 miles per week over the 5 weeks you owned it. Were you 'forced' to buy this car?

If you didn't feel good about it, why didn't you just walk away?

26th Jun 2008, 17:57

I'm a very satisfied Saab owner.

My Saab is the best car I've ever owned.

I personally have not witnessed the "terrible build quality" that so many write about, and happily (or luckily) my 9-3 has been very reliable.

I hope that the writer of this review has a similar (positive) experience as a Saab owner.

5th Nov 2008, 21:50

I believe that extended warranties are a must these days. If you are buying any luxury car second hand most likely it is because of the wonderful depreciation most luxury league vehicles suffer from. But unless the car was owned by your grandmother or your identical twin, you are taking a crap shoot with a used car, test drive test drive test drive, maintenance history is good, but people a few thousand for an extended warranty will work out in the long run, and a bonus, if you do choose to sell it can boost "your" sale price a bit... And FYI chances are people should buy an extended warranty for any vehicle from hyundai to rolls. Just fit it in with your budget, most of the legit extended places even offer financing... cheers and enjoy that Saab!

And please, people please don't write a review if it was just a rental car... that's just common sense,"It's not your car, you know nothing about it at all"

13th Feb 2011, 12:18

I had a SAAB 2003, which is sold now. Paid $12,700 (in 2007 101,000km) and sold for $5,300 3 years later (155,000km). In that time I paid about $2,000 in repairs. $1,000 on brake and disk repair, and $1000 on the famous injection system special to SAAB.

I had a good experience with the car, rode well, very good stereo and other very good extras. SAAB is a much cheaper car second hand than others, and the luxury is there, but beware of the resale and repair costs involved.

I sold it to a friend, and since being over 150,000km, it's been having many problems: power windows don't work, truck switch doesn't open, idle issues.

Yes, we are still friends!! LOL.

Hope this helps.