29th Aug 2006, 12:26

In March 2006 I took my 2000 Saab 9-5 V-6 to the dealer for repair. The car wouldn't start hot. By hot I mean if I drove it down the road a mile, turned it off, and then tried to restart it, it wouldn't start. If I waited 30-45 minutes, it would start no problem. The dealer determined there was a part in the ignition which needed replacing and did so. I was still under warranty at that time. Recently - at the end of July I began having exactly the same symptoms, brought the car to the dealer again, and they said this time it was a different part in the ignition which needed replacing - to the tune of $250.00 because I am now longer covered by the warranty. Two weeks later, it's happening again so I've brought it back to the dealer again. 2 days into the diagnosis, they say they can't recreate the problem, but have contacted Saab headquarters to inquire as to whether or not my issue has happened to anyone else and are waiting for them to return their call. Anyone ever hear of such a thing... Oh and I've replaced the headlights - both went out simultaneously - recently. The glass on both headlights turned up cracked/broken after I got the car back from the dealer in March. No one has any idea what happened. I've got 67,000 miles on this Saab and think perhaps I, too, should get rid of it before things get any worse...

Kim - Former Saab lover in CT.

22nd Sep 2006, 07:56

Hi, I Own a Saab 93 Aero,2001,and am very pleased with it. So far I have covered 20,000 miles in it making its total mileage 38,000.The SID has more or less failed now, but annoying as this is, the car is otherwise faultless. In fact I have to say its a great car!I only felt compelled to comment because of the misery suffered by some 95 owners. In short don't be put off, buy a 93!

3rd Oct 2006, 20:26

Sludge!!! My 2000 Saab 9-3 with 66,500 miles suddenly had the oil light come on and after diagnosis - it's sludge throughout the engine. I have had oil changes twice a year however they were done at no charge by a friend. All other routine repairs were done at a Saab dealer.

I cannot drive this car and I still owe $6,000 on it. It's going to need a new or rebuilt engine.

Saab customer service tells me that if I don't have receipts for oil changes they are not responsible! And that's it! I guess I'm just supposed to dump the car because I can't afford to pay for a new motor myself.

Anybody else have this problem? Any advice is welcome!

4th Oct 2006, 06:30

You only had your changed oil twice a year. Now you're surprised that you engine has sludge? What did you expect.

Even if you were only putting 10,000 miles per year on your Saab, you should be changing the oil every 3,000 miles.

Use synthetic oil, as well.

Did you even check your oil between changes???

This is probably a very expensive lesson learned.

I empathize, but in the future, remember changing the oil is the most important piece of preventive maintenance you can do.

4th Oct 2006, 11:59

I changed it twice a year which was based on the Saab recommendation of every 7500 miles. Don't forget I drove it 8,000 a year. Also, my book clearly said NOT to use synthetic oil.

So are you suggesting there is no way Saab will/can help with this? I agree this is an expensive lesson, but I did stay within the guidelines recommended by both the dealer and the owners manual.

5th Oct 2006, 05:27

Please check your manual regarding the use of synthetic oil.

I have mine done at the Saab dealership with synthetic oil. I can't imagine why it would say not to use it, as it is far better in guarding against heat & breakdown, especially in turbo engines.

30th Oct 2006, 07:37

I don't know anybody who changes their oil every 3000 miles!

I have a 1998 Saab 95 2.3 T with 73000 miles and do about 8000 miles per year too. I change the oil once a year, but keep a good eye on levels and top up if necessary.

Doubt very much if it has anything to do with changing your oil every 3000 miles. Probably just unlucky.

I have never had a mechanical problem with my car. The SID gave up a long time ago, but I can still use it blind. Don't worry about it so much, it still works.

30th Oct 2006, 17:08

If you only change your oil once a year, you are hurting you engine. Especially driving such low miles, which must mean short trips. This is especially hard on the engine. (Most damage is done on start-up)

If you choose not to change the oil every 3,000 miles, don't complain when your engine goes, and please don't blame the manufacturer.

31st Oct 2006, 18:42

To the reviewer who asked if GM has changed the way Saabs are now made, this is possibly quite true as Saab now uses components sourced by and through GM.

The 3.0 V6 and now the turbo four motors are all GM engines as well, although Saab does do some changes to them.

Likewise, all Saabs since the 900 of 1994 have used GM derived platforms.

As for changing the oil every 3,000 miles, this seems fairly heavy for a car that is purportedly not an out and out sporting machine like a Subaru WRX or Mitsubishi EVO.

In an age when cars are supposedly boasting of longer service intervals for lower ownership costs, this seems to fly against conventional wisdom.

1st Nov 2006, 04:56

To the last comment.

Drive a Saab Turbo & tell us it's not a "sporting machine".

Besides -ALL engines would benefit from 3000 mile oil changes.

3rd Nov 2006, 07:55

OK, I'm the lady whose 2000 9.3 had the Sludge problem and finally got Saab to agree to replace the engine. Actually it was the short block they replaced which they tell me was about a $6,000 job.

The only charge to me was for a new throttle body that was bad - $400. I am very, very lucky, I know.

I picked the car up two days ago and it's been driving like a dream. I was told by Saab that if I use synthetic oil changing it every 7,500 miles would be fine. I never want to go through this again so I will do it every 3,000 to 4,000.

Again, I repeat that if your car is diagnosed with Sludge, do not give up after one or two tries. My claim was denied the first time in it's entirety.

7th Nov 2006, 07:40

After reading all your comments, I am very distressed. I love driving my 1999 9-3 Saab, but like many of you have spent over $12,000 since buying it in 2002 at 36,000. I had hoped to get 200,000 out of it, but at 111,500 I have replaced almost every major component in the engine... ignition cassette, pulley system, A/C compressor, A/C condenser, battery, water pump, struts, shocks, head gasket, alternator, hydraulic system for conv top, engine mounts, exhaust system, tie rods, ball joint.

My latest trial started a week ago when my Brake/ABS lights came on... I now need a ABS Control Unit at a cost of $2900... if I thought that would get me another 80,000 miles I'd do it... I just hate to give up on her... but I don't think I have any choice, but to look for a new Honda! Any suggestions.

Renee in CT.