15th May 2008, 20:32

I too would not ever buy another Saab. This is my second Saab. The first one saved my life. I love that car but could not afford the costly repairs after the warranty expired. Even if I were rich, the repairs become more frequent and unreasonable, seeming after the warranty expires.

If I thought cars could be bugged out like scheduling a computer virus to attack on a certain day, I would consider that this is the case with Saab cars.

Regarding the lights going out, this is not a case of daytime running lamps. On a drive across country, I replaced the bulb twice. So no, this is not a case of lights always running it is however a case of faulty electrical/wiring, which I forgot to mention in my previous post.

If Saab customer service did not absolutely "suck", and I say this with confidence because I believe many other Saab owners would not dispute my assessment, and if they built the Saab like the jet engine it supposedly mimicks, I believe they would take over the market for midsize sport and luxury cars.

Someone at Saab feels like it is more advantageous to pull revenue from their cars sitting in shops or long waiting lines for service.

EVERYONE, I have a 2000 9 5 Aero Turbo with 110,000 miles. The other day I started the car and heard a noise from the engine that sound like a diesel engine. The Saab dealer says the timing chain, guide and tensioner assembly requires replacing; an independent dealer believes I have the beginnings of yet another sludge problem which necessitates the CV being replaced (that issue with the service bulletin). The noise seems to be immolating from the top part of the engine. Does anyone recognize this problem. If so, what is the fix?

Anyone, please.

Thanks for the quick response.

P.S. I do not trust the dealer as I believe that if there was a quarter inch scratch on the door, their remedy would be to replace the entire engine.