1980 SAAB 900 GLS 2.0 Twin-Carb from UK and Ireland


I want my 9000GLS back


Windscreen wiper fuse blew on a very rainy evening. Thanks to accessible fuse-box, easily swapped in a spare.

Head gasket blew - fixed under extended warranty, courtesy car (900 Turbo).

Tow-ball equipped car reversed hard into me and made large dent in bumper, then drove off. By the time I drove to the police station, bumper had self-repaired.

Hit a large bump at speed and front suspension bottomed out, causing radiator to leak. Fixed under warranty, despite my honestly admitting I was to blame.

Hit by large van in a 3/4 head-on. Saab survived (just chrome bumper insert damaged), van written off.

General Comments:

Smooth ride.

Almost silent, inside and out.

The most comfortable car I've ever owned. I used to drive to wrinkle out the kinks in my back - seriously.

6 feet of perfectly flat and usable space when rear seats folded.

Very quick for a heavy car.

Provides excellent feedback due to front/rear weight balance.

Handles any corner, at speed with a feeling of complete confidence and safety and cruises beautifully on a motorway.

Every switch and dial is at your fingertips. Easy to find and use.

Little clever things like a gearbox/ignition lock making the car incapable of forward movement if stolen (ignition key can only be removed with reverse gear selected. Until key is re-inserted, gearbox is stuck in reverse).

Heated seats/mirrors (very rare then).

Headlight wipers (again, rare in a car of that era).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 17th April, 2005