1984 SAAB 900 1.7 from North America


She is a stout Scandinavian Queen!


Nothing mechanical except the heater blower makes odd noises, but it still circulates and defogs the windshield.

General Comments:

I love the handling, the ease of the shifting of the manual gear box and the gas mileage is insanely good for such an old dependable car. This is the second car that I have owned of the 900 series three door hatchbacks. They are the most dependable and impossible to kill of any car I have owned in the past. They have a very unique appearance, comfortable to take long distance trips, and the heated seats still work! The view of the road in front and back is great because of the shape of the cab. I like the way the seats are designed because my back never gets stiff. It is like driving in a nice lounge chair. The heater core puts out some serious heat, you could drive naked in this car in Antarctica! Also, the car has a personality, unlike other cars that I have had. I named the first car "Helga of the Fjords" and my current one is "Red Sonja (since she is red)"

If you are really lucky to find a car that has been well maintained like this SAAB 900, you will have a car that will last another twenty years, easily. Just keep the maintenance up and check the oil whenever you gas up, as well as the other fluids, and keep track of the mileage. Doing these very simple checks will allow your SAAB to live like an immortal. You just can't kill the car. If you do, you are doing something VERY WRONG. . .

For a 22-year-old car, this is nicer than the late model Saturn that I owned a few years ago. This car starts, stops, purrs, and treats me well and I will never own another kind of passenger car outside of the SAAB arena ever again. I have been told by many mechanics and wrecking yards that SAABs are the hardest cars to find for parts cars, and the owners are fanatical to the point of keeping them for a long time. I have to admit, I have been bitten by the Swedish Bug in a big way. I plan to have "Red Sonja" for a long time. This car has "Heirloom Potential." Really!

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2006

1984 SAAB 900 from North America


A magickal ride in a truly classic vehicle


Since purchasing the car there have been no mechanical problems.

The body has some rust over the wheel wells due to age and the paint has oxidized.

Still a neat car to look at.

General Comments:

For a car 20 years old it's dynamics and general aesthetic appeal are endless.

I am a petite woman and the cabin suits me very well and is a comfortable ride for my family and friends who require more leg room.

I have never owned a vehicle that travels more safely during adverse driving conditions. I have encouraged my children to buy a Saab.

A friend who owns a 2003 Subaru, took a spin in my 1984 Saab and declared it the better vehicle!

There is uncompromising quality in this car that I have yet to find in any domestic car I have owned.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2004

1984 SAAB 900 Turbo 16 2.0 turbo 16 from Denmark


Classic turbo motoring


Well, the car wasn't exactly new when I got it, however, only few things have gone bad.

New cooler due to leak.

Central locking motor in drivers door.

Wash/wiper contact refuses to work now and then.

Leather seat - stitches have given up now on drivers seat.

Ventilation of cold air feeble, maybe due to disconnected air con.

General Comments:

Very good performance from 175 hp turbo engine.

Economy fair (10 - 11 liters per 100 km - mixed driving)

Very comfy leather seats with heating.

Big manual sunroof, however, better wind deflection would have been nice.

Roomy boot approx 600 liters of space, 1200 liters when You fold the rear seats.

Good driving position with height adjustable seat - remember it's a 1984 car..

Nice dashboard - clear and visible instruments. Big rugged push contacts.

Excellent overtaking power from turbo engine - motorway cruising a breeze.

Rather noisy though, much more than 9000 Turbo - obviously targeted at a "sports car" audience. You can clearly hear the Turbo whine.

Handles OK, but with a rather hard suspension. Initially I thought the dampers needed changing. :)

The cabin holds 5 people well.

All in all I recommend the car - but as always be aware of rust. This model is vulnerable in the doors and the rear hatch.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2003