1987 SAAB 9000 Turbo 2.0 turbo Gas from North America


Modern manufactures are just starting to catch on


Alternator failed shortly after purchase, replaced with a rebuilt unit from ebay for $20; only took 2 hours.

Brakes, replaced with Brembo rotors and new pads for $100, took 45 minutes.

New ACC belt--failed because of alternator.

Exhaust broke at resonator, more a result of a cheap aftermarket exhaust put on the car by PO.

General Comments:

What can I say, this is an old warrior that just keeps fighting. I've owned many cars despite my young age; three Saabs, two Porsches, and a Subaru. This is currently my winter car, the Porsche goes into storage. More reliable than my previous Saabs, but it was also better cared for.

The negative side of the car is that as it has aged the handling has softened--worn out shocks and such. What makes up for that is the blast of power from the turbo. I have already performed the APC modification for about 13 psi and the car is now as fast as my 944 Turbo. Absence of wheel hop is nice too. Somewhat notchy H-gate and a stiff clutch are normally expected only of a sports car.

Definitely a car for those who like something unique. Tons of space to carry things, and if some punk in a Honda pulls up to race...well, let's just say that 1/4 throttle takes care of most cars.

Oh, and one more thing- I bought a Subaru Loyale thinking it would be more economical and cheaper on parts. All that car did was be horribly slow, break often, and roll morbidly. The 4 wheel drive was the only reedeeming factor. This car is better in every aspect. I would venture to say this car is superior to the E30, if RWD handling isn't ones forte.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2004

1987 SAAB 9000 Turbo 2.0 16v turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A fast highway armchair on wheels


Auto Gearbox rebuilt twice (once at 120,000kms & 200,000 kms)

Fuel Pump (around 150,000km)

Air Mass Sensor (150,000kms)

Turbo & Head overhaul (around 180,000kms)

Steering Box (around 150,000kms)

High Beam Switch

Sun roof sticking

Leather on drivers seat worn

Creaking boot hatch

Worn door rubbers

Leaked power steering fluid reservoir (around 240,000kms)

General Comments:

A fair few (expensive) things have gone wrong with this car, however I love it dearly for the comfort, performance and sheer load carrying (especially with seats folded flat).

And to answer your questions, my service book has not missed a stamp.

Some reliability issues can be owed to driving style (had car since I was 18, upped the boost/re-chipped the computer and added a Remus cat-back exhaust, 2 inches lowered Ebach springs all round, 16 inch rims on Z-rated rubber, dark black window tint, gray duco/gray bumper model, looks awesome!).

The automatic gearboxes, fuel pumps and air mass sensors are notorious with these cars. If you are seriously considering buying an auto model, see if you can get under the car and open up the auto box - look for metal fragments in the oil. Also look for car which won't slip easily into 'D' from 'P' or kick down properly. Also stand behind the car when the car is being started to see if there is a telltale puff of black smoke (not fatal though).

OK, so that's the bad bits - good bits:

- Driven from Adelaide to Canberra (1,600kms each way) in one go with no problems. Done this many times and back with no troubles, passes massive trucks with ease, masses of mid-top range power (you really know it when it kicks down). I also owned a modified 1998 Subaru WRX, which eats the SAAB to 100km/hr, but over 100km/hr the SAAB reels the Subaru in and blows it away over 150km/hr.

- Has the best handling top end speed. Will easily sit on 180km/hr for hours and make you feel like your are doing 60km/hr. Top speed I have had this car is 225km/hr on a very straight patch of road (stupid I know). Sat there without a twitch! (remember - there are areas in Australia such as the Northern Territory which do not have a speed restriction - just need to look out for the kangaroos!)

- Handles corners great, especially with aftermarket springs (next best thing handling wise to my 4wd Subaru WRX)

- Seats are the most comfortable I have sat in - supportive, deep. More comfortable than my dad's C220 Merc.

- Basically a great car if you look after it.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2004

31st Jan 2007, 05:36

This is the original writer. Car has now passed the 400,000km (250,000 miles) mark with no further problems other than routine maintenance. However you look at it, this is a fantastic run for a 4-cylinder turbo engine pulling what is a relatively large amount of car!