5th Apr 2006, 02:16

This situation sounds to be very strange, I'm guessing that the car was either thrashed terribly, or there is a problem with this particular car. My family has nothing, but Saab's...4 now... (except for one old Volvo) from 1990-1997 all 9000 with Kms ranging from 150,000 -400,000 (although the one with 400,000kms has had a few repairs done! - but runs smooth now) anyway it seems to be that the only faults that go wrong with Saab 9000's is minor things such as the door lights, switches (the knob) for the lights and other minor things like that...

16th Nov 2006, 12:05

I've owned a SAAB 9000 CD for almost seven years. The car has been mostly reliable and is very comfortable and roomy.

Bulbs blowing have always been a problem. The car at one time used to cut out completely which was traced to a faulty switch in the steering column. Cheap to fix, but it wasn't nice with the engine cutting out and losing power steering on the motorway.

Cosmetically the drivers visor has fallen off, as has the seat back rake adjuster, the gear knob cover has disintegrated and the heater matrix spewed water into the footwell. Internal light fittings have fallen out and warning lights show for no reason. OK it's an old car, but it wasn't old when all this started happening. I still like the old shed though.

15th Jan 2007, 21:24

I have an 87 Saab 9000 Turbo, (5 Speed) has 150,OOO miles on it. I'd say it is the most enjoyable car to drive -- which I've EVER had!!! (and I'm 47 and have owned about 20 cars). This car has plenty of power, tracks straight as an arrow, -- Smoothly!!!... and everything works! I purchased this car for a mere 700 dollars on Ebay a few years ago. IF it ever dies, I will be finding and purchasing a 98 manual turbo to replace it, since that was the last year for 9000's. Again, I'd recommend these cars to ANYONE, I never knew how great they are until a friend recommended I test drive his, a few years back. Saabs are -- fine machines, INDEED.

19th Mar 2007, 21:20

Hi, umm comment about the guy with 87 saab turbo..aren't they 900s series not 9000?

Id love to get this model, 5speed manual transmission sounds the way to go, however parts I'm lead to believe are very very expensive?

6th Jun 2007, 01:42

The car you have must have been beaten horribly and then completely neglected. It was probably left in a place with a ton of moisture, which would wreak havoc on any vehicle made of metal.

Your mechanic obviously never owned a Porsche. Or many other brands for that matter, because Saab is far from the most expensive to repair.

The drifting on the road is obviously a problem with the suspension. You make it sound as if it is a design fault with the car, which is absurd.

And production of the 9000 Turbo began in 1985, so there are plenty of 1987 9000 Turbos.

30th Oct 2007, 15:51

Its unfortunate that the 9000 owner had a bad experience, but not all he has said is necessarily reflective of Saabs in general. It sounds like the dealer should have had the car in top shape to begin with, and therefore his comments should be directed at the dealer, not Saab. Furthermore, the car may have been abused or neglected, as he bought it used. I have had 26 Saabs over as many years, owning multiples for my family (4 drivers) and in general, have found them to be very reliable, well built and for parts prices to be reasonable. If the mechanic is saying its more expensive than a Porsche to maintain, he should find a new mechanic. Saabs are not perfect, but if you want a soulless refrigerator of a car, the Asians can certainly help you.

6th Nov 2007, 21:32

I got my first car the other day, and it happneds to be a SAAB 9000CS. Before I bought it, I had a complete mechanical check of the car, and I suggest that some of the previous people should do the same. My car came back and apparently the engine was in perfect order as the previous drivers were careful old men. If you don't abuse the car it will last a long time, and if you don't abuse it then you won't find yourself having to buy parts for it all the time. Parts (I believe) aren't as cheap as your toyota, but they are nothing jaguar etc.

21st Dec 2007, 14:46

I own a 1997 9000 CS which at 195 K has developed a problem with oil in the coolant recovery tank. There is no water in the oil sump. I realize that head gasket replacement seems to be the logical solution, but I have never had this combination of events before coupled with oil on the outside of the engine. Has anyone else had this experience? This had been a reliable rocket and I have owned Saabs since '68. They have saved us in three substantial accidents and don't owe us a thing. Thanks for any info or reply. Cape Cod.

23rd Jul 2008, 13:53

My first Saab was 9000cs Hatchback. Like it so much I bought a 1996 9000 CSE 5 doors few years later, and still driving it now in 2008.

Except the heater water blowing while on the motorway, there are no major problem, beside periodic replacement of parts.

It is a powerful car that I frequently drove 180 - 200 Km/hr, I have several occasion drove between 220- 235 Km/hr, but I don't do that anymore because it damaged (very small dents and scratches) the paint on the front hook, as well as the windshield. And gas is more expensive now, not to mention my radar detector can't beat the latest laser scanner.

This car is so good to me (fast & safe) that I will give this car a new paint job and major parts replacement, and drive it for many years to come. My Saab 9000CSE is a keeper for life.

13th Aug 2008, 02:24

Hi I am interested in buying a SAAB cabriolet. 1995. 1996 and 1997 models appear to be around in Victoria. What seems to be the major problem with a car this age? Surely if the car has had regular services it should be in great shape. Interested to hear comments from SAAB owners especially someone that owns a cabriolet. Is the roof mechanism reliable?

28th Sep 2009, 01:02

Please help.

My 95 9000 CS and 94 CD have both started eating water!!

Both are still driving OK.

Does this mean a head gasket or???

Any help is much appreciated.

Is it easy to replace the head gasket?

Can any one direct me to online (free) instructions?