1972 SAAB 96 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Overall an elegant, fun and bulletproof practical classic


The radiator was clogged when I first got it, so I have replaced it with a new one.

There was a small leak in the fuel pipe.

The headlight washers don't work!

General Comments:

Before I got this car it had been sitting for over a year outside.

It passed it's MOT first time, and apart from a couple of things directly related to it sitting for so long (the radiator in particular), it has been faultless.

It's narrow carriage and column gearshift encourages a 'relaxed' driving style, but the V4 engine has good pull away from low revs.

The top speed isn't great, with 70 really being the most comfortable cruising speed, but even motorway driving is comfortable and relaxed.

The interior is functional and comfortable, with quirky touches that are interesting rather than annoying.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2004

1975 SAAB 96 L 1.5 V4 from Sweden


If you have a toolbox - give it a try


Had to replace engine due to worn balance axle bearings.

Replaced gear box since the gears wouldn't engage when cold.

Radiator leaked.

Replaced just about every part of the brake system.

Have replaced three door handles (on a two door car).

Replaced wind screen after passenger seat's head rest crashed it.

Parking brake leaver broke.

Front muffler broke.

Fuel filling hose replaced.

One joint in front suspension replaced.

Floor, doors, all four fenders and some areas inside of the fenders have been welded.

A tiny valve located between cylinder head cover and carburetor got stuck and made the engine go very rough.

Replaced battery.

General Comments:

Although I have had to repair a lot of things this car has been almost totally reliable. Only failed me when the battery died and the battery was very old at this time.

Starts quickly and easily and is very comfortable unless riding on motorways.

Very noisy at speeds above 100 km/h.

Excellent road handling.

I love the steering column mounted gear lever.

My car makes people smile, especially when towing a camping caravan.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2004

1979 SAAB 96 GL 1.5 V4 from Netherlands


An instant classic!


Gearbox replaced, old one was quite worn, changing from 3 to 4 became a risky operation with a good chance of ending up in neutral.

Clutch pressure plates replaced.

Some corrosion near the left rear wheel, welded.

General Comments:

Design is exceptionally aerodynamic.

It handles very accurate and the acceleration won't let you down.

The driver's seat is heated!

Very comfortable suspension.

You should hear the typical V4 engine sound!

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Review Date: 7th March, 2003

17th Jun 2003, 10:55

The engine sounds "RADDABLOOOOM!!! Rooba looba rooba looba rooba looba... RADDABLOOM!!!" :-)

But the cW is just 0.35, which is very good! Can be compared with cars designed in the 80:s, not in the 40:s like the SAAB 92-96...