2008 Scion tC from North America


The tC is a sleek, fun and affordable sport coupe, and I would recommend it to anyone!


I discovered tiny (about the size of an eraser head or smaller) swirl marks in the paint during the first time I washed the tC. I'm sure they were on the car before I bought it and I just didn't notice. I took it to the dealer today and they were able to buff them out. One dealer suggested that they were caused by moisture getting trapped between the plastic wrap and the car during shipment.

I made the BIG mistake of adding after-market, dealer installed fog lights. It appears the assembly is made for pre-2008 tCs. The grille assembly is totally loose now (detached from the bumper). It appears that a rock cracked one of the fog lamp lenses and the impact jarred the fog lamp assembly loose. As my brother and I inspected it, it appears that there were no brackets holding the assembly in place, but it was somehow fitted where the previous grill cover was. I'm still trying to figure out how the dealer installed this thing. I am so disappointed and regret buying the fog lights.

The service rep. at the Toyota dealership didn't have much info. on how the assembly is installed but assured me the techs would re-secure the fog light assembly back in place. They did, but I don't have much confidence it will stay in place :( Lesson learned.

General Comments:

A rear window washer would have been a nice addition.

The driver seat should be more contoured to the driver. They're comfortable, but not as comfortable as Acura Integra or RSX driver seats.

The white text on the climate controls are a little hard to read on sunny days - clear/unpainted text would have been a better choice.

The engine runs whisper-quiet and the ride is very smooth.

The interior and exterior design is simple and attractive.

The black fabric upholstery is attractive, comfortable and of good quality.

The audio controls on the steering wheel are very convenient.

The climate controls are well positioned and easy to understand.

The integrated iPod port is awesome - nothing beats controlling the iPod using the stereo controls.

Stereo sounds great.

Front and rear are very roomy.

My friends love the reclining back seats.

Flint Mica is a great color - looks blue-dark gray or green-dark gray (from different angles) when it's bright/sunny out.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2008

31st Jul 2011, 15:13

So what happens to the TC when Scion brings in the rear wheel drive FR-86 or whatever the current name is? I suppose it will be discontinued. I'm not in a position to buy one, but I would love to own a current 2011 TC. I think it looks great, and has more than enough performance for me. I've yet to see a review of one on this site.

2008 Scion tC tc 2.4 from North America


Tc for Totally cool. A great reason to drive everyday



General Comments:

Yes this is a great car inside and out. Bought the highly desirable new color Waive line Pearl (sky blue) and is easily the best color ever on this car. I always thought it looked like a small Infiniti G35 sports coupe and gets so many nods and compliments its incredible. I bought the Supercharger, full grounds effects kit, rear spoiler, upgrade audio sound system, interior neon light kit and 19 inch Ruff Chrome plated Mesh wheels on Michelin Pilot tires. The paint is fine As soon as I got it I put 8 coats of Zaimo wax on the paint. The paint job looks great. This car with the supercharger fast and fun to drive. I love the interior, exterior, gas mileage and dependability. A great car all around. It handles wonderfully and is a keeper.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2007