2005 Scion xA 1.5 from North America


I wouldn't know what to do if my xA were destroyed


Regular troubles with O2 (oxygen) sensor in 2010 and 2012. Cost about $500 to replace. It seems like this is a common problem with the xA (but I still love my car).

Fuel valve (?) sensor problems in 2012 at around 89000 miles; also about $500 to repair, including all new fuel gaskets?

General Comments:

I love my Scion xA. I can drive it in all conditions, and I can fit in any parking space imaginable.

Visibility is fantastic, the blind spot is very small.

I moved from my hometown in this car (bookshelf, futon, computer and possessions). I purchased a full size gas dryer and hauled it home in the back seat of this car. The xA comfortably fits our 55lb dog and Chicco car seat in the back. I love the 60/40 split in the back.

Gas mileage is good, but dropped significantly with mandatory 10% ethanol.

You get a lot of road noise at high speeds.

I was terribly disappointed when Scion/Toyota discontinued this line. Each month I see more xA's on the road in my small R&D focused city. If the world class engineers are buying and concentrating these fantastic cars in my new home, who am I to argue; Scion doesn't know what a market they have overlooked.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2012

21st Sep 2013, 12:15

My Scion 2006 xA just hit 150,000 miles. I would buy another xA if it was available. Cost of operation and reliability are above average.

I don't know why this product is no longer made. Plymouth did the same with the Acclaim. We need a good replacement for the xA from Scion.

2006 Scion xA 1.5 from North America


Comfortable fuel saver!


Only "issue" has been a noise when at a stop sign with the A/C on. It was caused by the throttle cable vibrating against the air cleaner box; some foam tape cured that issue. No mechanical issues as of yet.

General Comments:

I really like the car, it was a big change going from a 1999 4runner, to this! The reason for the change was $4 a gallon fuel. The center gauge cluster took about 5 minutes to get used to, as it is not in the "usual" position we are all used to.

This car is no race car, however why should it be? I have seen complaints on the Internet regarding the "slow acceleration" of the xA, does every car have to have a V8 in it to please us Americans? People want a V8, 50mpg, and it better handle like a Ferrari, and then be under $15,000. In my opinion cars should be less powerful... but I am one of the dying breed who doesn't mind taking the back road, and taking in the scenery without updating my every move on an online site from my phone!

OK, back to the CAR review... The car has enough "zip" as is, and I have never worried about getting onto the interstate with enough speed to catch traffic. Passing takes a little more thought on a 2 lane, but being patient and driving responsibly will work wonders.

Interior is comfortable, I am 6'5" 230 lbs, and have no issues fitting in the car, and feel comfortable once inside, even on long trips. A trip to the grocery store for a monthly stock up, you will need more space than the hatch area has to offer, but fold down the rear seats, and you have plenty of room. There is a 60/40 split in the rear upper seat, so you can still have a passenger in the back, and have a seat folded down. Comes with power locks, windows, A/C standard! Nice options to include! I added cruise control, fog lights and a key-less entry system to my xA for added comfort / safety.

I would recommend the xA, as it is a disguised Toyota, and trust it will be reliable. While I personally would have preferred the manual transmission, my wife prefers the auto, and it seems to be a nice fit in this car as well.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2011