2009 Scion xB from North America


Love the car, but not happy about the way Toyota is handling this problem


Just recently I noticed that the paint was bubbling and rusting on all 4 door sills. I called the dealer, brought it in, he took pictures and said he'd never seen this problem before. He sent it into Toyota, then called me back and said that Toyota said they were going to "participate" in the issue, and wanted to know how much was the fix. The dealer said to take it into ABRA auto body for an estimate, which I did, at a place by my work. The manager at ABRA said that they could fix it, but would not guarantee the work since it was a rust issue. I called the dealer back, and he wanted me to take the car to the ABRA that's a couple of blocks down the road. We went together and met with the manager, who looked at the situation and said that he could fix it and would guarantee his work. Now, Toyota says they're only going to cover half the price of the work. I'd like to know if there are others who are having this problem, and what they're doing about it?

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Review Date: 8th May, 2012

2009 Scion xB Base 2.4 gasoline from North America


For a 17k dollar car, you can't buy anything get better. Period


The only thing that has been an issue is the driver's side door panel rattle. This is probably caused by me pulling the door shut on a poorly mounted door plastic panel by the manufacturer. Otherwise, I have not had an issue.

The material of fabric does cause a lot of static electricity, especially in less humid areas. But it does give me a good jolt in the mornings before work.

The plastic panels scratch very easy, so be aware of that.

The electric steering groans when I parallel park.

Horrible clunk when slowing down to a complete stop (automatic-high gear to low gear shift noise)

General Comments:

The seat are pretty comfortable, but unlike domestic cars, it doesn't sink in secondary to the firmer foam material. The driving position took a bit for me to get used to. One thing I do miss is the telescoping wheel, which would have made finding a sitting position a bit easier. The gauges are nicely laid out compared to the Honda Civic. I really hated the Civic when I test drove it, mainly due to the deep front dashboard and ugly gauges.

Driving impressions were very good, which is the reason I purchased this car. The suspension was a lot stiffer than what I expected from looks of the car. The acceleration was a huge plus. The engine has great torque for a car of this weight. I am 190lbs, my friend 250lb, and the sales person about 175, and I never had a problem merging on the freeway. The others (Yaris, Civic, Corolla, Fit, Jetta), all around the same price range, struggled with 3 heavy guys in the car.

One thing I dislike is the steering feel. When I make quick transitions, it seems like the steering input lags, and driving at lower speeds such as parallel parking, the electric steering does assist in a timely matter. It's almost like there isn't power steering if you steer too fast. I drive in the city, and parallel parking in a congested area must be done quickly, but this car is not designed for it. It almost the same as my 1989 Civic without power steering, but with a little more assistance. The transmission does shift properly, and does well with just 4 gears.

The most important plus about this car is the engine and transmission. The automatic transmissions on most Toyotas do not have a dipstick to check the level. That was a deal breaker for me since I do my own work on cars. Changing the transmission oil without a dipstick in a pain. Ask anyone.

This car on the other hand has this great feature. The engine is also great big for a car of this price range and size. It's better to have a bigger engine in a smaller car than the other way around.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2009

2009 Scion xB RS6 2.4 from North America


All the car you'd ever need



General Comments:

It's huge on the inside. Small on the outside.

Some complain about the fuel mileage. But people drive poorly. I average 28.5 mixed driving, 34 highway. The sticker uses the new type of MPG rating for people that drive poorly. I do not drive it gently, but it's not a sports car.

Other than the MPG.. only remarkable thing is the way it'll fit just about anything. Fit 8 foot lumber.

You'd like it or you wouldn't as far as style. But it's as much car as anyone in the world would "need" for driving on the road. Anything more is just vanity.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2009